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Found this on the net. Interestingly, the author’s name is Sri “Dalmiapuram” Ganesan. I believe he is our dear K.Ganesan mama who worked in sales and shares department. photo also looks like him only… Dalmia guys – can you please… Read More ›

Finally it is here!

Dear readers, You may all remember that I reached out to you few months back about converting very old tapes (dating back 30+ years) of Mahaperiyava’s speeches etc. With lots of difficulties and with His blessings they all are converted… Read More ›

Hello all!

Dear Readers, Hope all of you are staying healthy and praying Periyava! Sorry for not posting anything in the last few days (or is it weeks already?)…..At work, things are pretty hectic – staying up to midnights, early morning meetings… Read More ›