Shivanandalahari – சிவானந்தலஹரீ


Shivanandalahari is a great Bakthi grantha composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Mahaperiyava and Ramana Maharshi often quoted Shivanandalahari in their upanyasams. There is even a video/audio of Mahaperiyava explaining the meanings for one of the shlokas in Shivanandalahari. In Sri Shankara Balavihar CT, with Sri Periyavas’ blessings we started Shivanadalahari chanting and meaning classes in Tamil after 2022 Shivaratri and finished all 100 shlokas just in time for the 2023 Shivarathri. In these 36 classes first 10-15 mins in each class will be teaching how to chant the shlokas and the rest will be explanations in Tamil. We were blessed to have one of the classes, from Sri Periyava’s camp right in front of Sri Chandramouleeswara sannidhi!! In several shlokas we can clearly see the meaning of the shlokas be applicable to Mahaperiyava as well!! Those who are interested can use this playlist for learning/refreshing Shivanandalahari for this Shivarathri and beyond.




Shyam Panchapakesan.

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