Deivathin Kural kathāśravaṇam program for children in English via Zoom

Here is one more announcement from Dharmamoolam – this is exclusively for children. I am told that there are at least 60-70 children attend this and seem to enjoy a lot! I strongly encourage all parents to start your children attend this session. Educating them on our culture, Puranas, parampara is the utmost importance than anything else.

Big thanks to Dharmamoolam for taking up this great initiative on the divine orders of Sri Periyava.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Dharma Moolam Deivathin Kural kathāśravaṇam

Program Outline

In this session, we will learn the fundamentals of our Dharma, Life Histories (Divya Charithram) of our Gurus, Acharyas and great Saints who are guiding us to follow the right path. We will hear Stories of Deities. We will also learn some episodes from our Puranas and the life lessons they teach us. Primarily they will be referencing Deivathin Kural. By continuous listening of such noble thoughts, we will get a perspective about our great heritage. Remember, we hail from a great lineage. It is a privilege to learn about our roots.

Session Details
This is approximately a 12 Week long program starting from 30th January 2021. Each session is 1 hour long with ~45 mins of lecture in English and a short question & answer session followed by a Shloka session for 15 minutes.

Saturdays, 2PM EST

The story sessions are conducted by Smt.Vidhya Srinivasan, San Jose California. Shloka sessions by Gayathri Sunder.

Youtube playlist link:


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  1. Of late, i am not getting new posts via e-mail to me. My e mail address is given below:

  2. following up dharmam and due duties come from continous lineage of what parents, forefathers do. Ideal way for children to learn is just by looking up to their parents and grand parents doing their dharmas. All this you tube , online cultures will just add to modern fashion of approaching things but not really add value . lets not further encourage these modern fancies. However, if sanskrit or Bhagavad Gita or a group lessons are to be taught over online cultures, it add values else not. humble request and opinion. thanks

  3. How to register. I dont find a link ir contact email etc

  4. Is the date mentioned correct? The date mentioned above is 30th January 2021. The program looks great.

  5. Mahesh Ji, the picture for this article is captivating but I can’t seem to see it once I am in the article. Can you enable a hq version for download if allowed ? Thanks

  6. Great to know Mahesh ! This is a must one programme to our children to teach them & initiate them into our Hindhu Dharma as well traditions !!
    Particularly about our Guru parampara !!
    Jaya Jaya Shankara….

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