Shulini Puja/Homam – Live Telecast – Parasakthi Temple, MI – Aug 22nd

Thanks to Subbu for sharing this info.

Please see the brochure and necessary links for watching this homam that is conducted exclusively for nivaranam for this Covid crisis.


*Date: Saturday, Aug 22, 2020 @ 9.30 AM EST* (08:30 AM CST , 06:30 AM Pacific Time, 19:00 PM Indian Time , 21:30 PM Singapore Time) Participating in the japam is most powerful way of getting protection against all diseases including corona virus. *PARTICIPATION IN THE JAPAM IS FREE*

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Meeting ID: 891 4724 4150 Passcode: 099527

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  1. Covid 19 has wrecked menance. I lost my mother less than couple of weeks ago . she was suspected to have covid.

    I found a nice article for you.

    Let us all follow bhakti yoga, or liberation through devotion.

    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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