Gentle reminder on how to contact me

Sorry for the repeat.

I have posted this many times here. Still it often requires reminders. I am ok doing that.

If you want to send something to be posted in the blog, please DO NOT use any social media for this. ALWAYS email me to It makes my job little easier to go to one place to find out what I need to post. It is extremely hard to go through various messenger tools to find out who sent what. I hope you understand that my ask is fair and agree to my suggestion.

Regarding any delay in posting despite sending to the above email address, please note that it is not intentional. My workload in the office is only increasing and I am not finding much time. I am trying to juggle things to find some time to do postings etc. If it is getting delayed, please send me a reminder to the same email – I surely will post them. My apologies if any of your articles have not yet been posted.

Thanks in advance


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2 replies

  1. Can you please send me the posting about Sowmya Ashwini on 16 th June next week again to my mail id

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