Roga Nivāraṇa slokas sung by Smt Gayathri Girish

In light of the difficult times that we are all presently going through, here is a rendition of a compilation of ślokas from different texts that align with the cause of freeing the world from disease or “Roga Nivāraṇa”, as per the benevolent orders of Jagadguru Śrī Kāñcī-Kāmakoṭi-Pīṭhādhipati Śrī Śaṅkara Vijayendra Saraswatī Swāmigal. These 6 verses have been tuned in different rāgās and presented in the form of viruthams.

Specifically, it is said that we must do japa of the names of Bhagavān mentioned in these ślokas, for the purpose of Loka Kṣemam. Let us join hands towards the cause and do our bit from our homes by spreading positivity!

The ślokas are available in the following scripts: Devanagari (Samskrtam), English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannadam, Malayalam and Grantham. You can download them from the links given in the YouTube video description!

Namaskaram to Sri Periyava and big thanks to Smt Gayathri for making this a wonderful and melodious video.

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  1. Excellent voice and delivery. Pranam Mate !

  2. Thank you Mahesh for sharing this.

  3. Excellent selection of slokas and beautiful rendering of the same by Smt Gayathri Girish.

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