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As you are aware, the Periyava Radio has gone through some more changes from the contents and also from stability etc. Technical team and content management team has been working tirelessly to keep improving the app.

For the content-wise, today I am very very pleased to share that we have added Deivathin Kural Vol 1 full audio recording. This has been added under “Deivathin Kural” category. It gives me immense satisfaction that I feel that the radio app has reached one significant milestone. No credit to us but all to Sri Karthikeyan, Dallas, TX. Karthikeyan (a.k.a Pulavar for his command over Tamil) comes from a vaideeka family from Thennanjar village near Nannilam. He is inclined to sanatadharma principles and have lot of interest in advaitam and other Adi Acharya teachings/slokas etc. He is an active member in KKSF, Dallas Chapter. He started reading since 2019 Maha Anusham and was able to complete Vol 1 in under 6 months – this was done part of their local satsang. Also our team members recorded on a thematic approach on deivathin kuram, which you can see topics like Pillayar, Kamakshi, Advaitam etc.  With Karthikeyan’s help this project is coming to a very beautiful shape. I wish him all the best in continuing this for all volumes.

We are getting contents from various sources – Sri Matam, Smt Soumya Seetharaman, Smt Saraswathi Thiagarajan Mami that we have added them part of on-demand playlist. We keep getting contents In addition to that, we are always updating our radio streaming contents – particularly for special occasion days! Soon you will start to get notifications for those occasions.

I encourage all of you to open the app and update it to newer version. WE have introduced few new features like event reminders etc, which we will start to leverage soon. Anusham centers are updated. Now you can add an anusham center from the app itself. This functionality has been added – however there is a technical issue on the web server that we need to fix, which is currently being worked on – hopefully in the next few days, this will be fixed too.

If you have ideas/contents to be added to the radio or you want to volunteer to be part of our team, please feel free to email me at 

Download our app – Periyava Radio – from Google Playstore / Apple App Store. Share it with your friends. Keep Periyava Radio as your companion during this coronavirus lockdown!!!!

Mahaperiyava Sharanam!


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  1. Who is Karthikeyanin Thennanjar? I am from Thennanjar chinnapannai. Currently lives in NC.

    • This is Karthikeyan, I am grandson of Sri Rajagopala Sastrigal lived in Thennanjar Agraharam until 70s.I am son of his first son Vaithi. My grand father sold the house to Kamala Teacher who was residing until very recently. Periya Pannai mami will know more details. Namaskaram

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