Cute picture!

This picture is viral on internet – taken at Athur Patasala. Very cute. No doubt. This love for ghomathas should be limited only to vedapatasalas and every hindu should feel the same way./

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  1. Very cute picture – also looks very peaceful – May MahaPeriyava bless all

  2. This is a beautiful picture. The bonding between the calf and the children is so genuine and moving.Yes, the love for our Gho mathas should NOT be limited to the Vedapathashalas.

  3. Very Happy & Congratulation to you all

  4. A beautiful video about the Athur SCVG patasalai. Please watch🙏

  5. All our Gho mathas should be this safe and happy. When this happens, Bharat will resume its position as Jagat Guru. Any other nation will be a distant second in material prosperity too.
    Let this peacefulness spread everywhere.

  6. Such a genuine pure love seen in the eyes of the children. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. I think Mahesh meant to say “should not be limited…” and I concur totally. I saw this pic a couple of days ago. “Divine innocence” was the phrase that came to mind.

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