Mahasivrathiri Special on Periyava Radio

As usual, the Periyava Radio team (special thanks to  Smt Lakshmi & her sister Smt Anuradha) has put together a 15 hour program on Lord Shiva – discourses and songs on the theme of Pancha Bootha Kshetra Visesha – that includes Shiva Stuthis, upanyasam, arunachala mahimai etc starting at 7 AM today.

Sincere thanks to Set Lakshmi to take lead on all program compilation and scheduling and others for active support.

As many of you know we pushed a latest version of the radio app a week back and there is going to be one more stability patch next week. With this the app is going to pretty stable with few more features.

I encourage you all to listen to these wonderful programs on this auspicious day!

Aum Nama Shivaya


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  1. Time? IST?

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