Reflector for cow’s to save them from accidents at night

Found this in FB. Thought I should share this. Great idea – this should not cost much if we make 500 pieces etc. We do see so many cows on the road. Same concept for bi-cyclists who are riding at night. Something to think about….

Isaaq – salute to you for doing this…


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  1. I think it could be any phosphorescent material. Not radium. It is actually banned. It is not possible to get it in market. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  2. A feasible idea but radium in the reflector could be hazardous to the cow. However, before benching the idea, it will be important to find out how much radium is in the reflector and also consultation with BARC, Mumbai might be a good.

  3. Prolonged exposure to radium not only causes cancer but several other disorders too as scientifically proven. Not sure if Isaaq is aware of this. Though he is doing this with a good heart it may cause more harm than good in the long run. Also, if we think using these reflectors help the drivers avoid cows we are terribly wrong. In broad day light I have seen/seeing people driving over them deliberately resulting in them getting severely getting injured. I’m seeing at least one case of this everyday just in my area and have sent many to blue cross, velachery. If people’s mindset towards other living beings don’t change all these technologies count little. Let these normal (radiumless) reflectors help these voiceless souls in any little way they can. Rama Rama

    • Sai – topic is not about radium or any cancer causing one. Like I said in my reply, it could be a simple reflector that emits nothing.

      • I agreed and that is what I mentioned at the last point of my note as well. However the guy who is doing this on the ground is continuing to put radium on the cows. Someone needs to tell to put normal reflectors.

        Also, as I mentioned, with or without radium people need to be a patient when driving by roads. Running the vehicles over a cow’s leg or tail, ramming straight onto the cow’s pelvic area in daylight has nothing to do with any strips. Only Periyava should change these people’s minds.

  4. Radium Strips? Wont’s the cows get cancer?

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