108 & Counting – Another Massive Rescue: 14 Cows Saved

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Before delving into the actual rescue, I want to let you all know every single contribution of yours has been very closely tracked and accounted for in saving Gho Mathas. I can identify if the funds are for cow rescue only if you have dropped a note to donations@kgpfoundation.org with the note ‘Cow Rescue’. It is only due to our Periyava’s anugraham and all your support I can carry out these rescue operations of this magnitude week after week. While I have shared many cow rescue efforts and few related experiences there are a handful I have not shared  due to lack of time. That is the reason why my postings on the blog has come down significantly which I never used to miss even a day when I was in US. My weekends are pretty much consumed with these back to back rescues and it does take time a lot of time to plan during the week days as well. Given the current water crisis, there are many challenges where the rescued cows can be sheltered. Periyava keeps showing me a way to get through these challenges and things keep rolling week after week. Over the past several months, I have been through many traumatic experiences in these 100+ cow rescues that it has taken a toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I take it as Periyava’s lesson to show me what life is all about and what our end goal should be. These rescues and horrific experiences has only made my resolve more stronger to save many more cows. Trust me, if I have funds to save the cows, come what may, I will be on the road and slaughter houses week after week to rescue these Gho Mathas. This is my commitment to our Periyava and his bhakthas.

Now to the actual rescue that happened over last weekend. In the Marakkanam rescue that happened few months back I mentioned about how dreadful a place is Marakkanam for Cows. Periyava ensured I did not return back from that place empty handed. I got some leads through which I could go back again last week and saved nine more native breed cows. These cows were almost sold and I had to dash on a Saturday early morning (along with Periyava devotee Shri Bharath) to stop the sale and get them. All these cows were safely transported to our Periyava devotee, Shri Sethu Narayanan’s farm house near Tanjore.

On late Saturday evening, near my home, one of my contacts alerted me that a Bhai is coming to pick up two cows on a Sunday morning.  Ran to the owner’s place and paid a mere Rs. 300 more than what was offered by bhai and rescued those cows. Of this one of the cow is a ‘Karam Pasu’ (full black colour with black udder). While Mother Cow herself is very holy, Karam Pasu is more special and has been extolled in our Sastras and Ithihasa Puranas.

On Friday, rescued two cows and a calf directly from a Palavakkam slaughterhouse. Out of this One cow and calf will be done Gho Dhanam to Thandalam Gosala by a Periyava devotee. All these cows are safely residing in Maram Farm house in Thandalam. As seen in the pictures below, all cows were given a shower, aarthi, and warm welcome.

So, all in all, 14 cows saved over last weekend. With that through our blog and all Periyava devotees support a total of 108 cows have been saved so far. As I mentioned above, it is only due to our Periyava’s anugraham and all your support we could do this. Pictures and clips below. Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Vinod Ramaswamy, Smt. Kamakshi Manikandan (Gho Dhanam), Shri. Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan, Shri. Shankar Srinivasan, Smt. Shobhana Ramesh for the contributions through which could save these Gho Mathas. For participating in our Cow Rescue operations please click HERE.




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  1. Can each extended family like uncle, aunt etc. all join together, and save 1 cow per month, per family

  2. Great Sai Sir, 108 lives you have saved with Periyava’s blessings!!! and still more to be. All the cows are in our farm are in good conditions- taken care by our farm team.They are blessed too. Namaskarams to all of your team and the Bakthas who are contributing to this initiative.. our farm could accommodate more cows soon…


  3. my mobile number is 9920839585;a text message giving bank account details enough

  4. Sai Anna,your bank account details please.


  1. Massive Rescue Operation @ Dreaded Marakkanam – 28 Native Breed Cows Saved – Sage of Kanchi

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