Next Direct Rescue from Abattoir and another Back to Back Weekend Rescue – Seven Cows Saved…..

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – This weekend Sri Periyava showered his anugraham on saving the lives of seven innocent jeevans. On Saturday he showed a way to rescue two beautiful cows and two calves. These cows and calves were purchased from the cow owners who were about to sell them to abattoirs. Negotiated with the owners, purchased the cows, and transported safely over to Maram farmhouse in Thandalam village. This happened yesterday (Saturday, June 29).

Today (June 30), HE showed me a way to rescue One beautiful native breed Cow, just born Calf, and a small Rishabam directly from a Slaughter house. HE showed a way to establish contacts with a few guys related to the abattoir. Of late, I have also been trying to educate a few slaughter house brokers on the Maha Paapam they incur on Ghohathi. I have also been persuading them to sell a few to me so they are not killed for weekend beef market. I had mentioned to those contacts about my preference for saving old cows, pregnant cows, and young bulls. They tipped me about the info. and put me onto the slaughter house owner. After back and forth negotiations with the owner he finally released a beautiful native breed cow, just born calf, and a small bull. As you see they are all pure native breeds. These innocent souls were purchased from Seiyaar Sandhai (market) on Wednesday for this weekend sale. Mother Cow was heavily pregnant at that time of purchase and as soon as she came to the slaughter house person home in Palavakkam, Chennai she delivered a beautiful calf this Friday. The guys were planning to kill the mother today morning and send the just born calf to Veal market along with the small rishabam. The worst part is, they barely fed Mother Cow and Rishabham, just a little bit of hay and water to keep them alive till Sunday.

After nervous moments and negotiations finally secured the cows to my area. In the process of figuring out to transport to a Gosala. The pictures you see are the cows outside the slaughter owner home. It is all only due to HIS abundant grace and compassion that these cows could be saved. An exhausting but very gratifying weekend. Shri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to our blog devotees Smt. Kiranmayi Vemuri, Shri. S. Ganapathy, Shri Jaishankar, Smt. Sasikala Senthilnathan, Shri. G. Subramaniyan, Shri. Ramana, Shri Chandrasekaranh Krishnamoorthy, Shri. S. Viswanathan, Shri. S. Venkataraman Balaji, and Shri Gopalakrishnan for their contributions without which we could not have saved these innocent Jeevans.

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Below are the pictures of the Cows/Calves rescued on Saturday (June 29) including them safely residing in Maram Farmhouse in Thandalam Village. 


Below are the pictures of the Cows/Calves tied rescued on Sunday (June 30) tied outside the Slaugher owner home. They are now rescued and near my home waiting to be transported to Ghosala.

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  1. The small calf.. so nice looking.. Thanks a lot for saving such a wonderful cows too..painful read on they could slaughter a pregnant cows?…You are all in good mission and blessed.

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