Stunning drawing of Mahaperiyava by Dr. Clement Lourdes  

The email sent to him itself is self-explanatory. When I opened the email, the name sounded familiar and I quickly recognized that he sent a drawing earlier but when I opened the attachment, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a stunning drawing of Mahaperiyava! What a great work!!! All our artists are self-taught and blessed by Mahaperiyava. Anyone looking at this could tell that this is not possible without His divine blessing and support!

Thank you Dr Clement for sharing your experience and drawing! Salute to your parents who took you to Him for blessing without bothering any religious boundaries and seeing Him as mahan!

All the budding artists should take these drawings as models and inspirations to learn and draw more…



Dear Sir,


I need no introduction to you since you introduced me already in your blog on 24 July, 2018 with two of my sketches, thanks to my colleague Dr. Sujatha Vijayaraghavan who is an ardent admirer of my works.  

This new sketch of Maha  Periyava is done by me with one ball point pen. I was fortunate to be blessed by the great sage even when I was a 7-year old boy. My parents took me to him for his blessing. They showed him all my drawings and every drawing of mine was blessed and appreciated by him. Though he usually kept silent during that time, he parted his reverend  lips to utter with a note of joy: “ Eswaranthan Evanukku Annukaragam Panron” ( It is God Almighty who graces him).Because of his blessings and the encouragement I received from veteran artists like Silpi,  I grew up as an artist , untaught  even now. I have been appreciated by a number of World leaders and eminent men in India and abroad.

When I was feeling a little uncomfortable with the picture of Mahaperiyava I had chosen as a model ( the picture was very vague and unclear), my colleague Dr. Sujatha gifted me  with a calendar without knowing the model I had chosen for my sketch. What a surprise! The calendar had a clear picture of the sage’s photograph – the exact one I was sketching. I felt as if it was sent by him. That had helped me to complete my picture. I am thankful to Dr. Sujatha, a great devotee of Mahaperiyava for her invaluable support and assistance.

I gifted this sketch of Mahaperiyava to the great singer P. Shusheela when she came to my house last month (12thMay, 2019). She liked it very much. I attach my sketch and my brief bio-data and wish all the devotees of Mahaperiyava happiness and success by his grace and guidance.

Warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Clement Lourdes                                                                                                                            Professor of English, Pondicherry University                                                                                                                      Puducherry 14                     cell: 98943 20440


Dr. Clement Lourdesis a creative writer, critic, translator, self –taught artist and a specialist in Indian Writing in English and Translation Studies. He received his PhD degree from the Pondicherry University for his dissertation entitled “The Image of India in the Select Works of Gandhi, Nehru and Nirad Chaudhuri” in 1993.He is the author of Prapanjan’s Kuyil and Other Storiesand has edited Confluences: Studies in Comparative Literature      (with Prof. N. Natarajan) and Comparative Discriminations: Studies in Literature. He has been editingPrerana(Students’ Journal of Pondicherry University). His other publications include articles, reviews and research papers in journals like Calicut University Research Journal, Sri Aurobindo Action, Rock Pebbles, Journal of Indo Asian Studies, PCM Award Evening Supplement, Pondicherry University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities etc. He has contributed a series of 15 articles to PCM Children’s Magazine. He has also done an extensive research on Arundhati Roy’s works and submitted a monograph on her under UGC Minor project scheme in 2001.He is the recipient of Paaventher Pugazah Award(2010) for his outstanding contribution to Art and Literature.


He has visited Reunion University (France) under Faculty Exchange Programme and delivered a series of 15 lectures on “Recent Indian English Fiction.”


He is a well-known artist and his works have gone on display at several exhibitions in India and abroad. Some of his pencil sketches have won the approval of the leaders of USA, UK, Russia, France, Rome, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Australia, Israel etc. His pencil sketches of the aircraft flown by No1 Squadron of the Indian Air Force have been appreciated by the three Service Chiefs and are permanently displayed at the Tigers Air Force Museum, Gwailor. Pondicherry Doordarshan and AMN TV have telecasted separate programmes highlighting his artistic achievements and the New IndianExpress published an exclusive interview with him.


Presently Dr. Clement Lourdes is Professor in the Department of English, Pondicherry University.

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  1. அய்யா… உங்களின் பல படைப்புகளை அருகில் இருந்து பார்த்து இருக்கிறேன் ஆனால்… மாகபெரியவரின் படைப்பு வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை.. வணங்குகிறேன்..

  2. Dear Dr.Clement, Beautiful , Wonderful, Simply Superb are all means words to use for appreciating your wonderful portrait of Sri Kanchi Mahaperiyava.. The eyes are chanting vedas, Speaking, instructing, guiding, consoling on and so forth…Multiple expressions brought in ONE.Even the great Shakespeare would have been at Poverty of words to describe this wonderful portrait… I am not gifted with equal potential in terms skillsets, but I can always pray to the “Sage Of Kanchi “to bless you with all good things in life….

    Eagerly waiting to see your next portrait of Sri Maha Periyava.

    Shree Vignesh and Co,
    West Mambalam,
    Chennai .
    Mobile: 9962581489

  3. I feel doubly blessed for being a student of my beloved teacher and mentor Dr.Clement Lourdes and to see the magnificent masterpiece of his sketch of Maha Periyava.My father being an ardent devotee of Maha periyava was very much moved on seeing the painting and started praying uttering the praises of the Sage of Kanchi.It was the moment of Mysterium Tremendum: the sublime moment of the presence of the Divine.Such is the sacred effect produced by the painting of the Sage by my teacher.
    Dr.Clement Lourdes could transfer the Sacred from the tip of his brush to the canvas and from the canvas to the Self of the Spectator.I have been like all his students, always fascinated by his profound dedication to his profession and his vision of art and life.

  4. Excellent masterpiece. Brilliant and accurate sketch in the hands of Dr. Clement Lourdes, Professor in English, Pondicherry University. He has brought Shri Mahaperiyaval in front of our eyes. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  5. This drawing is good but so is many others made by many other people. it sort of feels like if the artist was an indian middle aged man, we wouldn’t be so gaga over it. I suggest we publish drawings with name as X to eliminate the bias that people here are expressing.


      • Any picture, as long as it is drawn on Maha Periva, got 2 reviews or 10 reviews, how it is so concerned to you, I don’t understand. Perhaps, the artist might feel (not even that is necessary) about reviews, why you are?

        Secondly, We, the visitors of this blog, did not see who made it, we enjoy the picture that have come so lively. Why are you so concerned about reviews? I don’t think even Sri Clement ji would have thought of getting reviews.

        Please don’t drag any more on this point. We, Periva’s followers felt bad more than the artist Sri Clement ji.

        Hold it on please for Periva’s sake!

    • What is your problem Mr. PK if somebody prises somebody’s drawing even that is not good?. Why you are so jealous on somebody’s prising? Calm down.

      • I am pointing out the strong biases we have against our race and bias towards other races. Can you say the other drawing is worth only 3 reviews and this 10 reviews? If the names had been interchanged I am almost certain the review count flip too

        It is difficult when somebody shows a magic mirror that displays our deep held biases.

        If we don’t wise up we will continue to be a disservice to ways of of our ancestors

  6. When I had visited Prof.Clement , he showed me this portrait of Mahaperiyavaa. The sketch was so realistic and life-like. I had great words of appreciation for him. When I visited Prof. Sujatha of the same department, it was a divine coincidence that she presented me with a portrait of Periyavaa on the eve of my retirement.
    Wait, the real surprise was on the 6th of May, 2019 when a farewell was organised by my colleagues in the department of Sanskrit, Pondicherry University. Prof.Clement gifted me a portrait of Mahaperiyavva similar to the one above. I took it as a blessing by the great Sage. Ever since the portrait has entered our house, so many good things have happened.
    We have started worshipping the portrait no just as a piece of Art but as the very embodiment of the Sage himself.
    I am always grateful to Prof. Clement for this gesture. As he draws portraits, he infuses into it his good intentions and reverence to the great Sage.
    May his art reach great heights.
    Prof.of Sanskrit

  7. I have been admiring Prof. Clement Lourdes’s pencil sketches and paintings ever since 2003. But I was stunned to see some recent sketches just with a black pen. I enjoyed seeing life/lives in his recent sketches, more realistic!. One can cherish perceiving and going back to them again and again.

    It is God’s gift for beloved Professor who keeps on fostering the God-given talents for the service of others, especially for God. His interreligious attitude and embracing all the sections of the people is evident in Maha Periyava’s realistic portrait. I am proud of Prof.Clement Lourdes for being his student and colleague!
    Maha Periyava’s serenity, pious look, profound sannyasa is vibrating in professor’s beautiful sketch. I marvel at all the paintings of the professor. But this picture of Maha Periyava makes me holy and reminds me to introspect for heavenly life. His divine grace and blessings for us projected through the picture!
    Thank you very much, sir, I wish you and thank the Almighty for this wonderful gift. I simply bow my head before you for your hard work in the midst of academic commitments. Wish you to foster your talent more and more.

    Thank you very much

  8. I thank you Prof.Clement for all his drawings in the past. What a fantastic sketching of Mahaperiyava by him recently. I think his talent in pencil drawing is a God’s gift and I seriously felt as if it was given by Mahaperiyava also. Being a christian, he sketched so many Hindu Gods and Goddesses pictures, so far, crossing religious boundaries, which really enthralled me. May God bless him with all strength to continue his sketching of pictures, what he likes to draw, in future.

    Pondicherry University

  9. very realistic picture of Sri Mahaperiyava. Those divine eyes still shows anugraha for all of us, As blessed by Sri Mahaperiyava the art is graced by Eshwaran. I pray the almighty that art should flourish in future as well.

  10. Recently, I gave Clement the Giri Trading Company’s 2019 calendar with 12 colour pictures of Maha Periyava in it – requesting him to do a sketch for the Sage of Kanchi web so that everyone can see it and be happy- quite oblivious of the fact that he had chosen one of them to sketch, from a very small print in Dinamalar magazine as early as November 2018 but did not proceed because it was not clear. Then he sketched this picture with a black ball-point pen, without once fumbling or altering a stroke and brought a calendar size photo of it to my office room as a gift!
    I hope the devotees of the Sage of Kanchi web will inspire Clement to do a series of Maha Periyava pictures in the middle of all his professional commitments, and taking care of his aged mother.

  11. Beautiful work ! Very realistic sketch of Mahaperiyava..

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara..

  12. I thought only a few people are privileged like Mahesh and Sai Srinivasan, but you are too Dr. Clement! Such a realistic.

  13. Brilliant !! Looks more like a black and white photo !! Eashwara in the form of MahaPeriyava has blessed him !! Hara Hara Sankara Jeya Jeya Sankara!!

  14. Thank you Dr Clement, It’s Marvelous, Stunning depiction of Maha Periyava’s portrait. Sharp eyes peering in to the future of devotees with hand full of divine blessings flowing through grace fully. Namaskaram.

  15. hara hara Sankara jai jai Sankara

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