Silver kavachams on Sri Jayendra Periyava’s brindavanam



Thanks to Ajay Srivatsa Aiyer for the banner image. Nice photo!

Thanks to Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Matam for other photo share in FB

‪Brindavanam of HH Pujyashri Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya Swamigal- with Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy in the East, Sri Dwarakadish in the West, Kanchi Sri Pandava Perumal in the North and Sri Guruvayurappan on the South‬


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  1. Dear sir,
    Q: Can everyone go inside and have the darshan?

    Practically speaking it is not possible to filter everyone.. the sastras allow raajanga people to have some exceptions.. If Periyava decides to see and bless only people who do all karmanushtanams perfectly.. only a handful can only enter the mutt… Cos of His kaarunya, He is seeing people with mustache, freshly shaved, people who come to mutt using bus, train and car that do not bathe after reaching mutt(aachara korachal and theetu), not in traditional attire, madi panikathava etc..

    P.S: The shoe incident never happened up to my knowledge..

  2. How come the Governor is allowed inside? Is this place not considered a holy place and admission restricted to only to only those who do the nithya kala pujas? Can everyone go inside and have the darshan?

    • That too he’s not in a traditional attire! BTW, there was a photo with ex-President wearing shoes and walking inside the mutt.. What can be said!

      • Shyama –

        There is no such incident happened of someone walking with shoes inside the mutt – including the ex-President of India’s recent visit and also Governor’s visit. Not in traditional attire – I can show you a photograph of Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy in the similar attire sitting in front of Mahaperiyava. I can show you some more photos of other dignitaries in those attire. Kanchi Matam does not expect everyone to be in panchakacham.

    • I have the same question

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