The plight of Uttavedheeswarar temple

Thanks to Sri Sivaramakrishnan Balakrishnamoorthy for sharing this update recently. Honestly, hundreds of temples for are in this state only. While posting here in this forum is good to create some awareness, the real action would be some local people taking the lead on this and see what we can do to fix this. We don’t know if this is a HR&CE temple – if so, things would be even more messy. If not, it is fairly straightforward. Before this temple is converted as a evening-hour-bar permanently, I hope Periyava sends someone local to this place to take the lead and make the change.

The following Maalaimalar link talks about sthalapuranam of this temple – apparently, this article is 3 years old and things have gone worse over a period of time:

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. Dear Mr. Mahesh:

    Namaskarams.May I have your email address


  2. Namaskaram Anna,

    I think the photographs shown in this post belong to the temple in Thiruindalur Thanthondreeswarar Koil. Whereas Uttavedheeswarar temple is in a place called Kuthalam near Mayiladuthurai.

    If you notice, the Swami Name of Uttavedheeswarar temple is Uttavedheeswarar or Uktha Vedeswarar and Ambal name is Arumpanna Vanamulai Nayagi which is in Kuthalam.

    Whereas the photographs of this post shows the Swami Name as Thanthondreeswarar and Ambal Name as OppilaNayagi which is in ThiruIndalur. Both are 12 KMs apart. I’ve given the google map link below:,Padal+Petra+Temple/Sri+Thanthontreeswarar+Temple,+Thiruindalur,+Mayiladuthurai,+Tamil+Nadu+609001,+India/@11.0947014,79.5686032,13z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x3a552603ac0d5e0b:0x9aa97359558f83d0!2m2!1d79.5633293!2d11.0787017!1m5!1m1!1s0x3a5527ef3eabc7b3:0x7d40e71295b1a028!2m2!1d79.64676!2d11.112762

    The photo also shows that Thanthondreeswarar temple is built by Kotchengachozan who is one of 63 Nayanmars and also the Adiyar who built the famous Thiruvanaika temple.

    Mahaperiyava should bless us to get involved in renovation and Kumbabishekam of this temple very soon.

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!!!

    • Prabhu –

      Thanks for the catch. I have no way of knowing this. When people request me to post something, they need to vet it out for accuracy. I will update the person who sent me this…..

      • Definitely agree with you, Anna🙏 Because of this post only many of us will come to that these temples exist and get to know the current state🙏

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