Periyava Radio – 3 years old!


Dear all,

Today, Periyava Radio is stepping into successful 4th year of operation! Started on the same day with only objective of keeping you all connected with Periyava even if you are away, we have come over quite an interesting journey. We are proud to say that we While innovation and imitation are inseparable, innovators like Periyava Radio team are clearly distinguished by the nature of the focus – “a seva to Kanchi Acharyas”. Sri (Bala) Periyava kindly enquires about Periyava Radio often – only tells us that our efforts are blessed.

The Periyava Radio team is made of absolutely fantastic set of selfless volunteers from across the globe who spend their quality time to constantly improve the quality of the program on a daily basis. I am personally grateful to the whole team (Smt Lakshmi, Hari, Deepak, Vinoth, Uday, Smt Chitra, Smt Shyamala, Anand, Smt Nitya, Sudharshan, Smt Preeta ) – without you all, this effort would be a big failure.

While we are able to see # of listeners on a daily basis, it is always interesting to meet some of them face-to-face absolutely in a random fashion – it gives both of us a pleasant surprise. It is heartening to know that they listen to many programs on a regular basis.

On behalf of the radio team, our sincere thanks to you all from the bottom of our hearts for being our listeners and supporters.

Spread the word to all your friends and families. Keep sharing your comments and feedbacks – we love to hear from you.

Periyava Radio Team

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  1. Ram Ram,
    With Mahaperiavaa’s Anugaham you will achieve many things ! Mahaperiavaa Charanam

  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. I enjoy listening to Sri Periyava Radio . Thanks for the best efforts putin by a enlightened team to make the programmes instructive and imbibe Bakthi. Janakiraman V

  3. Yes.. Real seva indeed to people in general and of course seva to Maha Periyava…All success in the years to come!!

  4. Special programmes on Vaikunda Ekadesi and recently Arudra day were simply superb. Very selective. Is it Sh.Balakrishna Sastrigal who went to washington that time ?? very interesting!! (Nandanar story went on and on… I enjoyed). Heartfelt thanks for the whole team responsible for the radio broadcast.

  5. Periyava charanam. “imitation” ? Could you please explain more ?

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