Experience with Mahaperiayava -“वेदरक्षनकैन्गर्यमणी VRNT Trustee Subba Raman Mahalingaiyer

Thanks to Sri Bharath for this interview. Short but a beautiful interview. He clearly explains how one’s life gets transformed with Periyava’s grace. Sri Subba Raman mama’s devotion and contribution to VRNT will be remembered forever. As a blessing the family is so lucky to have the panchayathana puja set that was with Mahaperiyava for some time!

It has a become a standard practice that I get lot of queries right after an interview is posted! In this case, I request you to ask that question in the comment section in youtube and not in the blog as I am not sure if Bharath reads these comments often while I am certain that he does check youtube comments.

Periyava Sharanam


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