Mooam Live Telecast From Orikkai – 17th September

Moolam Live Video from Orikkai / Manimandapam
Between 8.00 AM and 12.30 PM (IST)

Orikkai Moolam 17.09.2018

Live Telecast Can Be Viewed Through

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  1. Request some knowledgeable person explain the differences among : aaraathrikam, Sthothram, sthavam, keelakam, vinathi bujangam, upasthaanam, and such terms used in prayers.
    Sthothram literally means praise and Sooktham means “one that is well said”. Panchakam (5 verses) , shatpathi (7) astakam (8 verses), chaalesa (40), astha uthra satham (108), thrisathi (300) sahasra namam (1000s) denote numbers of verses or individual names or sentences. Kavacham is protective armour given by manthras. What is hrudayam (?) Smaranam (thru thoughts), maanasa puja (performed invisible to others but within the mind), baahya puja (performed visible to others), praarthana, nyaasam (invoke in each part of the body). Would like to hear the root word and annotation.

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