Experience with Mahaperiyava – Auditor Sri Chandramouli

Thanks to Mouli and Periyavapuranam for the interview.

If you’ve noticed I constantly refer to Shivarpanam Trust and Mouli in all of our kainkaryam related postings in the blog related to KGF. Here is Sri Mouli, chartered accountant by profession and one of the greatest shivanadiyaars and Periyava/Sar bakthas I’ve seen. I am extremely happy to be associated with great souls like him. Mouli and his trust has been doing   very dedicated veda kainkaryam for a very long time under the guidance of both our Periyava’s.  When we rescued 200 cows few years back, we did not have a place to house them. I talked to Mouli and requested him to keep the cows until we find another place. He didn’t take too long to think and said “If this is what Periyava wishes, let us do it. However I dont know anything about cows”. All the cows are doing fantastic. Now he is a cow expert 🙂 He is very smart in switching between  bakthi hat and accountant hat even in one sentence within minutes 🙂 Thank you Mouli for your continued support for all our kainkaryams we do through the blog.

Here is his short interview..What an anugraham to be devoted to Periyava from young age! Periyava poured anugraham on him by giving rudraksham directly to him and so many…


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  1. Chandramouliji is really blessed to have so much close interactions wi4h maha periyava. Great soul. Hara hara shankara jaya jaya shankara.

  2. Knowing
    Living in His thoughts
    Listening to Britain TAMIL Bakthi
    Knowing Mahaperiyava’s Devotees
    Makes me one of the happiest persons
    though I was not gifted to see Mahaperiyava in my life

  3. Watched the interview, his name itself was enough to get Mahaperiava s Anugraham. Pranams to Mahaperiava. Due to Guru s asirvathams, we were at Sri matam on Monday. What a piece of mind we get when we get Hiis Darshan. Every bhaktha is blessed with equal warmth by Periava. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

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