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  1. Claps to Swaminathanji for the note. Sage of Kanchi is for the Sankaracharyas’ untiring works to the society. There are lots of people doing silent tireless work. Mami surely is a blessed soul. i dont think she needs recognition or motivation though the posts. Sage of Kanchi should talk of the works than single out persons. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  2. I pray to Mahaperiyava to forgive me for sharing this thought if it is wrong.

    Acknowledging Mahalakshmi Mami on this post, sounds more like a professional PR for Maami than sharing more useful information about Pushkaram.The other day I saw photos of Mahalakshmi Maami meeting some dignitaries. Is this like an social media page for Mahalakshmi Maami?

    Can we not share just – “Thamirabarani Pushkaram Invitation @ Maha Periyava Adishtanam”?
    If your intent was to acknowledge – why aren’t you naming Kumaresan Maama and Deekshithar doing Puja?

    Unfortunately, we are cultured to encourage even senior people who doesn’t need motivation to do these work as the Pushkaram is more important than Mahalakshmi Maami.

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