Thamirabarani Maha Pushkaram – Oct 12 to Oct 23 ‘2018



Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Please mark your calendars on this important Maha Pushkaram event that will be celebrated from Oct 12-Oct 23′ 2018. HH Sri Periyava has blessed Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami to be the head of the Pushkaram organizing committee and is keeping a close watch on planning and updates. Sri Periyava wants this message to be spread across to many devotees so they can plan their travel for this auspicious event.

People belonging to Kanya, Mithuna, Vrichigam, and Mesha rasi’s must definitely do pariharams during this Pushkaram. Very important is to take a dip in the River Thamirabarani and perform Dhanam (donate) as per one’s capability.

With HH blessings, an official webstie has been created for this Maha Pushkaram event. It contains the detail, background, the stars who should do pariharam, Sri Periyava’s Anugraha Bashanam, etc. The website will be updated frequently. Please share this website and plan for to attend this Maha Pushkaram. Rama Rama





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  1. What is the most important function in the Maha Pushkar and when is it happening?
    I’m from Coimbatore, Could you suggest me the mode of travel to reach the Pushkar directly?

  2. any tour conductor to attend the Tamirabarani maha puskaram is available. If so give me the contact no/address please.

  3. There is some variation in Pariharara Rasi mentioned in your post and that of website of Smt Mahalakshmi
    . While the web site talks of Meena Rasi , it is not there in the post Grateful for clarification .

  4. We r Bangalore and I may not be able to go for the Tamirabhani pushkaram being abt 75 yrs of age.
    My raasi is vrichigam.
    Can I do some dhanam in Bangalore?
    Pl advise
    With regards and thanks,

    • Please contact Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami for the details. Her contact details are given below, also specified in the website as well. Rama Rama

      Smt. Mahalakshmi Subramanian,
      Sri Mahalakshmi Charitable Trust,
      Flat No. 3, Thulasi Apartments,
      11 Kuppusamy Street,
      T Nagar,
      Chennai 600017

      Phone 044 2815 2533
      Cell 9840053289
      Cell 9940053289

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