Ekadasi Fasting Appeal & Reminder

Sage of Kanchi

“Whatever happens in Bharatha Desam we need to ensure the King of all Vrattas Ekadasi has to be revived and practiced by all; This Vrattam is a Maha Dharma that was practiced very sincerely until two or three generations ago but has been robbed since then. We need to realize because of a couple Maadhwa elderly women observing Ekadasi Shuddha Upavasam sincerely today we get rains.” –  Pujya Shri HH Kanchi Maha Periyava

“We do not become weak or lose our health if we observe upavasam, in fact it is the other way around. ‘Langanam Parama Oushadham’ (Fasting is the best cure or medicine) is what the Ayurveda Sastras say. It may be tough to start but with practice we can overcome it. With Bhagawath Bakthi and Sankalpam we will realize the fruits we get out of fasting which will strengthen our resolve to observe upavasams.” –  Pujya…

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  1. Jai Ma

    Please let me relate a tiny miracle that happened due to Mahaswamigal’s anugraha re: ekadashi fasting. This writer suffers from some serious conditions. Last ekadashi, he was fasting on just a cup of tea with a little sugar and fortuitously happened to be hooked up to heart monitors and watched over by cardiac nurses when he went into a hypoglycemic shock and severe hypotensive shock.

    Had it been at home, since he lives completely alone, he probably would not have survived!

    How amazing is that coincidence, which is no coincidence at all!

    Imagine the probability of a person being hooked up to monitors and being under direct medical supervision while undergoing such a massive dual shock? Zero!!

    So, now on doctor’s orders and perhaps in keeping with holy Mahaswamigal’s wishes, one has to take 1 slice of toast every 6-7 hours with 1 cup of tea and take readings.Plus some protein; I don’t know exactly what up to now. No rice, however. I am praying Mahaswamigal will understand and forgive!! What do you all think?

  2. Sir, If Ekadashi thithi falls on a day and sarva Ekadashi falls on following day, which day should be observed for fasting? Regards, Mahalakshmi


    • Both the days if we can 🙂 It depends on the Sampradaya we follow…Smarthas follow the Ekadasi Thithi based on sunrise. Vaishnavas observe based on Ekadasi Thithi’s existence for the major part of the day. Pl. consult your family elders and follow your sampradaya. Rama Rama

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