Quiz – Which Kshethrams?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – As usual Sowmya sent me her drawings for Sri Sankara Charitham posting this week. As many of you aware, her drawings are based out on the crux or the key message of the chapter. In the upcoming chapter Sri Periyava talks about Bhagawadpadhal’s Avataram as a Sannaysi and how Adi Aacharyal went across Bharatha Desam to reestablish Dharma wiping out 72 non-vedic religions in the process. We all know that Bhagawathpadhal also covered many Kshethrams and sang immemorable slokas and sthothras on those devathas. Below are some of the important and popular Kshethrams that Bhagawath Padhal visited which Sowmya has captured fabulously in her drawing.

Can you list the names of these Kshethrams starting clockwise (from bottom left to bottom right)? I failed miserably in this test and take it as a lesson to visit these Kshethrams to indulge more in Bhagawath (Padhal) Smaranai 🙂

Will post the answer on Saturday’s Sri Sankara Charitham post. Rama Rama

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  1. Pancha Prana Linga Kshetrams a.k.a. Pancha Sankara Matha Kshetrams – (From Top to bottom in clockwise direction around Bhagawan Adi Sankaracharya Swamygal)

    Yoga Linga for his own personal worship and for his successors at Kanchi.

    Bhoga Linga for being worshipped at the Sarada Peetha in Karnataka

    Mukti Linga in the temple at Kedarnath,

    Moksha Linga to Chidambaram for being worshipped In the temple of Sri Nataraja

    Vara Linga at Neelakanta Kshetra in Nepal.

  2. 4. Somnath 5. Puri 6. Kedarnath

  3. 1 Badrinath 2. Puri Jagannath 3. Dwaraka 4. Tirumala Tirupathi 5) Kanchi Kamakshi 6. Madurai Meenashi

  4. Pls.see the link and you feel …how many people obliged periyava…

  5. Starting from bottom left to bottom right:
    1. Puri Jagannatham 2. Tirumala thirupathi 3. Madurai Meenakshi 4. Kanchi Kamakshi 5. Kasi Vishwanathar 6. Badrinathar temples. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  6. (from bottom left to bottom right)
    1. Puri
    2. Tirumala
    3. Madurai
    4. Kanchi
    5. Kedarinath
    6. Badrinath

    Just giving my best guess.

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