Dheivathul Dheivam – Short review


Finally, Periyava blessed me with an opportunity to watch this drama. Million thanks to Sri Balachandran, my friend’s father, who came home and gave me 2 free tickets. Watched this with another staunch Periyava devotee. All Periyava’s blessings.

Fantastic drama. As a person who had played several dramas in my past, acted, organized, designed the sets, been in operations etc for a long time, I can see how flawlessly they have executed. I heard Rajinikanth attended on 18th and his wife attended yesterday – this play has gotten the best coverage. The hall was packed – not one seat was empty. I was told that this was the case for all 5 days.

Almost every actor was well-chosen and each did their role beautifully. Thotta Dharani’s set were so realistic. Three people who were stunning – Sarmaji, other person who played as HH Pudhu Periyava & the lady who came as MS Amma – simply brilliant….Started on-time, ended on-time. Periyava’s 100 years of life has so many incidents to cover and our lifetime is not enough to do that. With that in mind, the director has done a great job to cover the highlights.

As this show’s intent is to address two or three kinds of audiences (1) who knew nothing about Periyava (2) know very little about Periyava (3) who are staunch devotees and familiar with several details

This play addresses all three audiences but addresses mostly for first two categories. Lot of us like me who fall under the 3rd category focuses on the accuracy and details of each scene….

Overall – fantastic drama to attend and convince ourselves that we saw Periyava again in sthula sareera…

Couple of my observations:

  • Most of the scenes are extremely slow and could have been bit faster. For instance, even husband and wife do namaskaram to Periyava one by one etc. They walk slow, they talk slow…
  • Some of the scenes could have been combined – for instance 1 scene dedicated for periyava anugraham to muslims and villagers – could have been combined together and add some other interesting scene.

It is easy to criticize and that is not my intention – my suggestions could be considered for their future work.

I sincerely wish the same team could do part 2 of the series to cover other incidents etc

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  1. Hi, I live in Singapore. I wish to see this drama too. tku

  2. Any idea about the next show dates??

  3. Nice and a must see program for everybody. Also presenting a drama about the life of MahaPeriyava is not a publicity stunt. It is a show on the life and teachings of Mahaperiyaval. We have seen shows/film about Shri AdiShankaracharya. Heard about a show on Shri Bodhenderal ( By Bombay Gnanam). This is analogous to those. Don’t we have many films on Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhakta Vijayam etc. I think this also is like that. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  4. A must see for Tamil youth who are carried away by modernism and consumerist lifestyle. The life and teachings of Periyava, the Living God, must be taught in schools too.

  5. I live in Singapore. I really wish to see this drama. Hope it will materialise one day by HIS blessings.

  6. Nice to hear this Mahesh.Once Cho asked Maha Periyava,it seems, if he could do publicity work for our Mutt and convey Periyava’s messages through his dramas.Maha Periyava didn’t approve and became angry,it seems.Just this came to my mind and am conveying.

  7. You are fortunate Mahesh Garu. When we Hyderabadis will get HIS Anugraha by plyaing drama here?

  8. Superb Periyava Charanam.

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