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  1. Well made out and timely reminded about the necessity. good post. Thanks. Janakiraman. nagapattinam

  2. This issue of “duty to departed parents is written well in such a way many people can understand. I wish two more dimensions are touched upon (1) Duty to parents when they live. Maha periyava have clearly said that this is mandatory and performing after-death rituals = however grand they were done = can’t compensate the former. All are human beings. Parents are also human beings. Parents also have likes, dislikes, anger, opinion, tendencies and we may lack compatibility. It is actual;y an yangnam to take care of them when they are alive. When i was young (30 years ago) used to wonder why many people who have treated their parents badly remain god fearing, puja-performinhg- devoteed to Guru etc on one hand and perform after-death rituals to perfection on the other. And Maha Periyava’s devotee answered me that it is best HE can do to guide them to righteous path. (2) Duty to others. For example we own duty to perform after-death rituals even to non-parents (parents siblings who have no off-spring, our own siblings, relatives with no off-spring, friends and others with no means who have been orphaned at whatever age

  3. As always and yet another post through which mahaperiyava is communicating trough this blog.


  1. நீத்தார் கடன் அவசியம்தானா? by Sri Bharani Mani | sriaiyerrs

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