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As many of your know, Chicago Maharudram event just got over today! It has been a great 3 days of Vedic event conducted by KKSF. Personally to me, this was a great occasion where Chicago Periyava was at the center of the event…We were so blessed to have live telecast of HH Balaperiyava’s anugraha bashanam from Kanchipuram/Chennai. I met so many so many devotees from various parts of the country and every conversation was about Chicago Periyava and His mesmerizing smile..I saw some of our volunteering women in tears when Periyava entered yagasaala on Saturday.

It was bit of a last minute planning to bring Periyava to the event. I was very worried if there would be enough space for Him to sit and more importantly without anyone accidentally knocking the vigraham etc. With Periyava’s blessings, everything went very well. He sat like a Maharaja and witnessed all Vedic and other events for the entire day. Special thanks to Smt Jayashree Mani and Smt Lakshmi Natarajan for making the garland and vilva kreedam for Periyava within a short time after He entered the event….

I met several of our readers in the event – thanks to all of you in taking time and effort in attending this event and taking time to talk to me too.

Thanks to my neighbor/friend Sri RV Padmanabhan without him it would’ve been very difficult to bring Periyava from home to yagasala and safely bringing Him back home.

I just finished catching up on videos from various places – Thenambakkam, Ayodhya mandapam – every event is just soaked with Periyava bakthi.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

I’ve posted few video clips from the event…most of them are very short ones – except for trisati archana….sorry for the poor quality video – I didn’t realize that FB live video brings down the video quality very significantly….Since I was busy with the abishekam of swami and padhukas at the event, I did not take any photos/videos…I am expecting HD version of them from the professional photographer we hired….


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Periyava enjoying chenda melam


Periyava listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam





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  1. Dear Mahesh, Really It was a privilege for me and my son R Aditya to witness this function and to meet you and your wife Bhuvana and your sons. It was because of your blog that I came to know about the activities happening all over the world and last year I had attended the function in Orikai and this year here in Chicago. Though I attended only on one day I was thrillled to see Periyava and it is a great for me. Thanks once again. Bhanumathi.

  2. Is there a recording of the anugrahabhashanam by HH bala periyava for the benefit of those who missed to listen.

  3. I was blessed to attend this event. Thanks a lot KKSF team to host this event on occasion of Sri Maha Periyava Jayanthi. I was very happy to meet Mr. Mahesh and had dharshan of Chicago Maha Periyava.

    Bala Periyava ‘s Anugraha Bhashanam via live video conference was a surprise package.

    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  4. It is a devotional congregation (satsang) and the devotees have chanted and recited the sacred hymns such as Rudram and Chamagam, Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and also performed Kuthuvilakku pooja. Special thanks to Sri Srinivasan Sundaresan for organizing this satsang KKSF-Chicago.

  5. It is Maha Periyavaa who has selected Mahesh to conduct such glorious events in a place of His choice so that through this blessed Mahesh’s activities everyone near and dear to him are also blessed. It is indeed a feast to watch. Thanks Mr Mahesh. May you live long with all around you with all cheers, blissfully with the blessings of the Divine.

    • Dear Sir,

      Sri Sethuraman, KKSF-Chicago was instrumental in putting together this great event. I was one of the volunteers for this event and I truly don’t deserve any credit.

  6. Dear Mahesh, A wonderful way to celebrate Maharudram and have HH Mahaperiyava vigragham at the function. We are blessed in Chicagoland.

  7. Dear Shri Mahesh, your devotion will make you construct a new Temple for Jagat Guru wherein you will have our Maha periavas vigraham also.
    Pranams to Swami.

  8. 🙏 mayappirapparukkum sri MahaPeriyava ADI potri 👏
    It is so strange and ironical .
    I live in Chennai and find it hard to witness/attend sri MAHAPERIYAVA Poojas and vaibhavam etc.
    But 1000s of miles away in the US you people in Chicago are conducting sri MAHAPERIYAVA Jayanthi ARADHANA Abhishekam ARCHANAS and sri rudra POOjai so meticulously with HIS immense blessings 😂
    You people in Chicago are Blessed 🙌

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