Ekadasi Fasting Appeal & Reminder

Sage of Kanchi

“Whatever happens in Bharatha Desam we need to ensure the King of all Vrattas Ekadasi has to be revived and practiced by all; This Vrattam is a Maha Dharma that was practiced very sincerely until two or three generations ago but has been robbed since then. We need to realize because of a couple Maadhwa elderly women observing Ekadasi Shuddha Upavasam sincerely today we get rains.” –  Pujya Shri HH Kanchi Maha Periyava

“We do not become weak or lose our health if we observe upavasam, in fact it is the other way around. ‘Langanam Parama Oushadham’ (Fasting is the best cure or medicine) is what the Ayurveda Sastras say. It may be tough to start but with practice we can overcome it. With Bhagawath Bakthi and Sankalpam we will realize the fruits we get out of fasting which will strengthen our resolve to observe upavasams.” –  Pujya…

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3 replies

  1. Ekadasi is on 21st or 22nd?.It will be very nice if you mention the date also in the reminder.Always there are two different dates and it is confusing all the time

    • I have told this many many times. Let me tell again. This blog has following all over the world. The Thithi in one place differs from another. Even in the same country people belonging to different sects. observe Ekadasi based on their traditions (Smartha Ekadsai, Vaishnava Ekadasi, etc.). The objective of this reminder is to let devotees know that Ekadasi is coming so they can take that extra step of finding out when it is, based on the Sampradaya or Panchangam they follow. I’m sure people who want to observe Ekadasi will take that addl. bit of effort! Rama Rama

  2. Thank you.we get confused with two different dates.That is why the doubt

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