Jan 2017 Anusham, Moolam, Avittam, Pradosham Calendar

Couple of days, I got a request from Sri Sumanth, one of our readers asking for a handy 2017 anusham calendar like this (https://mahaperiyavaa.blog/2016/01/02/2016-anusham-calendar). I reached out to Sri Kumar of Vignesh Studio and he immediately prepared an yearly calendar for not just anusham only but also moolam, pradosham etc.I will post this on a monthly basis and keep it sticky for the whole month. Please note that all dates are based on IST.

Thanks to  Sumanth and Kumar for making this happen.

Periyava Padham Charanam!

Jan 17 Calendar.png

The following image was sent by Dr Shobana. Thank you Dr.

Jan 2017 wow.jpeg



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  1. Can someone post the anusham calender for 2017 whole year. mylai anusham group used to distribute them. if anyone has the card kindly post it here.

  2. Mahesh Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your efforts!

    I came to know about Mahaperiyava very recently, was very unfortunate having not known HIM till then.

    You are doing a great service to bring HIS greatness to reach people like me.

    I am short of words to explain the bliss I get whenever I read / hear devotees experiences.

    Atleast I had that bhagyam of reading and hearing those puniya athmas who had opportunity to be with HIM
    all because of your tireless efforts.

    Thanks a lot Sir!!

    A request sir, can you please upload the entire year calendar.

  3. Moola Nakshtram is the day Pujya Sri. Mahaperiyava used to observe silence (maunam). I found from one of the close attendants (MudikondAn Vanchinatha Iyer) of Sri. Mahaswamiji that a particular smriti text laying down the rules of living for sanyAsis, mentions about observing mouna on moolA star.

    I approached that person with a question: whether there is some connection about Sri. Mahaperiyava observing maunA on moola nakshatrA and Sri Hanuman. He told me that once Sri. Mahaswami Himself explained why He was observing maunA on moola nkshatra.

  4. Mahaperiyava Saranam! Pl explain the importance of Moolam and Avittam here. I am ignorant. Thanks

    • For sanyasis, birth star is no longer important to them and only the star on thei r diksha day is important… That’s why periyava usted to observe mounam on moola nakshatram day. However He still approved celebrating anusham..

      Avittam is the birth star of HH Pudhu periyava..i don’t know His diksha Dina star..

  5. You may still have to look at the dates in the US along with this calendar because the actual dates may not fall on the same date. It may be a day earlier like this month Anusham.falling on Sunday based on Eastern Time.

  6. Is there a way to buy this calendar in US.?

  7. will be very useful for asthikas. excellent initiative. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  8. Correction pl. Add “NO” after the word “and” in the sentence commencing “In many temples…………”. Sorry for the gross mistake.




    Only on a day of Moola Nakshatram, SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVA was anointed as a Sanyasi please.

  10. This calendar is very good and will be very useful. Thanks to Shri Vignesh studios and Shri Mahesh. A small request is made to include Ekadhashi.

  11. What is the connection between moola nakshatram and Mahaperiyava?

  12. A fine initiative. One suggestion please. Can you pl. also include Sukla Paksha Panchami of every month in the list as Adi Sankaracharya Jayanthi is celebrated every year on that day in the month of Chiththirai (as per Sowramana Panchangam) and Visaaka month(as per Chaandraman almanac). In many temples, the Vigraham of Adi Sankarar is installed and regular pooja is done except on the day mentioned as Adi Sankarar Jayanthi in the almanac. Thanks to the initiative of devotees, we have Vigrahams of Adi Sanakarar, Srimad Ramanujar, Sri Raghavendra and Sai Baba. Of course Sai Bajan is done every Thurs day by Sayee Devotees. Like wise for Srimad Ramanujar on Thiruvaadhirai Nakshatram, Adi Sankarar on Sukla Panchami day every month. A clarification: Sowramamaana And Chandramana almanacs only the name of the month will differ, the Thithi, and Nakshatram will fall on the same day as per Gregarion calendar. Chandramana goes by lunar movements and Sowramana by solar movements. For instance Ugadi(Telugu New Year’Day) is the 1st day of the year following Panguni Ammvaasai, where as for us it will vary but between 13th and 15th April.



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