Summary of Periyava Jayanthi Celebrations

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The entire globe is resting after busy Jayanthi day celebration….The scale of the event is getting bigger and bigger year after year. I am seeing this since 2009 onwards. Places where 10 devotees celebrated the Jayanthi, now 100 devotees are doing it. 100 became 500 now.. Now we can’t do these events in our houses as we can’t even hold that many devotees. As usual adishtanam was packed, so was Orikkai, Sri Ganesa Sarmaji’s Mylapore, Sri Pattu Sastrigal/Ghosala W.Mambalam all recorded new heights in attendance. In USA, NJ recorded 400+, Chicago 150, SFO 300+, Dallas 150+ devotees for this jayanthi..More importantly, lots and lots of youngsters are participating….Events of various kinds – atirudrams, maharudrams, namasangeerthanams etc. It reflects our bakthi towards Mahaswami.

This time I heard several people saying this – “Periyava is reaching more and more devotees than when He was in sthoola sareera”. This is true also. This should not be misinterpreted that Periyava was not popular earlier and He needed social media to become famous. As we all know He is the paramathma that is beyond everything. I see this trend more in terms of putting technology in the best use.

Facebook, WhatsApp kind of social media were bombarded with streams of photos from all around the world…I am sure soon, these companies will do special planning to manage the server bandwidth on this day next year onwards!!!

People who could not go to Kanchipuram were gifted by live telecast coverage by Sri Vignesh Studio and Sri Sankara TV (I couldn’t see from here..I am sure they covered too), which was a true blessings…

Special thanks to Sri Vignesh Kumar and his team for outstanding alankarams to Periyava on this special day. Kumar often says “பெரியவா ஜொலிக்க வேண்டாமா?” (Shouldn’t Periyava glitter?) – this team made Periyava really glitter and on top of that, they sent me all the photos on the same day. Sai beat me on posting all those great photos!!!!

Overall, Periyava smaranai is increasing and this should help us to get poorna anugraham from acharyas to spiritually elevate us.

அத்தனை பெரியவா அடியார்களுக்கும் அடியேன்!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Yes, Me too. Kudos to the entire team involved in spreading Periyava’s messages along with social and spiritual causes through this website. Untiring and Unmatched efforts by Sri Mahesh & team. Thank you so much. I also had good fortune of visiting Sri Matam, Orikkai, Pradosham mama’s Periyava Jeyanthy Celebrations, Thenambakkam, Mylapore Sri Ganesa Sarma’s Periyava Jeyanthy celebrations, W.Mambalam Gho Sala and also Sri Pattu Sastrigal’s @ Ayodya Mandapam by Periyava’s Grace. Feeling very happy to see so much of Bhaktas everywhere celebrating Periyava Jeyanthy. Praying to Periyavas to bless one and all to lead a peaceful, purposeful life and to have Periyava Smaranam all the time.

    Hari OM. Jaya Jaya Sankara Jaya Jaya Sakara

  2. Dear Maheshji

    It is beyond doubt that mahaperiyavaawordpress website has made deep impact, in spreading Sri Periyavaa upadasems, devotees interview, covering various Sri Periyava & Sri Madam related events etc.

    Even the last generation, like our parents, though Sri Periyava devotees came to know the experiences of various other devotees only thorough our website, which otherwise is not possible, How many interviews, how many incidents narrated, so many video clips, slogams, treasure books, deivathin kural clippings, funds collected for Sri Periyava’s priority list Veda samrakshanam, Gho samrakshanam, renovating old temples, etc.

    Not even a day is passed without opening this website and see any Sri Periyava Photo and read something about Sri Periyava even for a few minutes, whether it is new or already read, searching for earlier posting and our thinking on that etc.

    It is all with Sri Periyava anugraham, as all know, without Sri Periyava kadaksham this would not happen on this huge scale, Also the untiring efforts of Maheshji & team and wonder how he got this huge energy mentally to keep this website growing and also to mention he take advantage of latest technologies to see how well the site is maintained, whether playing audio, video, downloading, URL linking and other linkings and also to mention never the website went down, it is 24 x 7, 365 days and innovation like Sri Periyava Radio is the great one.

    Wish this to go on great scale with Sri Periyava anugraham

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

    • Yes, Correctly said.My 1st task too is to open this website, see HIM and then start my work in office and later on when time is there, read that days posting.

      This should be also the case of many too.

  3. atleast from next jayanthi onwards we should try to follow atleast one quote which periyaval insisted us to follow, thats the real jayanthi for periyava. as a motivation we can share what we are planning to follow in this blog. how many are in for that…………

  4. Periyva Saranam.

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