Uragam Kamakshi

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It is interesting that the drawing looks like Gayathri Mata.

Periyava asked me to collect all details about Raja Raja Chozhan, who was a reknowned King in South India about 1000 years ago. I did and was reading it out to Him. When I mentioned the word ‘Uragam’ He stopped me.

Swamigal asked me, “Do you know the place where we are staying now?”.

I said ‘Kanchipuram’ and then I said, “Periya Big Kanchipuram”. But, Mahaswamigal was not satisfied.

There was an old couple waiting close by for His Darshan. “Ask them where they are from?”, He told me. They said they are from Palakkad.

“Is there any Kamakshi temple in your surroundings?”, He asked the couple. The man said he was not aware but the woman told her husband, “Probably He is refering to Uragam Kamakshi”.

Periyava asked her to come before His presence. “What is the speciality there?”.

She said, “Kamakshi is painted on Cloth”.

Periyava then said that a Namboodri came to Kanchi with ‘Thaazhagnkudai’ (An umbrella that is not foldable) and he was taken in by the Power, grace and beauty of Kamakshi. He then sat down in the sannidhi and drew a power (kalai) from Kamakshi to the Thaazhangkudai, took it to his village near Palakkad and transfered the ‘Power’ from the kudai to the painting of Kamakshi on cloth and hence the place came to be known as ‘Uragam’ which is another name of Kanchi.

Narrated by Shri Thanjavur Santhanaraman.

Wow. What a piece of History!

Here is an Exquisite Painting of Mother Gayathri by Shri KP Mohambal.

A blessed Holy Friday to you all.


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  1. The painting is very nice, lively and indeed divine.

  2. Pl see link

    part from web page given below:
    During the beginning of Kaliyuga when adharma was in the ascendancy,the village elders of this grama (Peruvanamgramam) met and decided to save their village from adharma. Accordingly, they duputed Valaya Bhattathiri,Kadalayil Namboodiri and Komarath Menon to Kancheepuram to bring the munificent Devi to this village. They worshipped the Devi , who was very pleased with their devotion and agreed to accompany them to this place. Accordingly, to the popular belief, Devi accompanied Valaya Bhattathiri in the olakkuda (palm leaf umbrella). Thus the palm leaf umbrella has become an integral part of all rituals of Ammathiruvadi. The Sreemoola sthanam spot of the present temple is believed to be the spot where the Bhattathiri placed his umbrella in his illam. On his return from Kancheepuram, the Devi appeared to the Bhattathiri in his dream and commanded him to construct a temple where his illam stood and proceed to the north where immense wealth would be awaiting him. Devi also told him that an idol lying in a nearby well could be used for consecration of the temple. Bhattathiri complied with the command of Devi. The descendents of Valaya Bhattathiri are none other than the famous Poomully Namboothiris of north Kerala. The idol, obtained from the well and installed in the temple is the one, it is believed, worshipped by Lord SreeRama before killing demon Ravana. Members of a nearby Menon family called Vazhappilly Tharavadu, were the strong devotees of Ammathiruvadi. Devi was very pleased with them and made a member from their family as a guard for the Devi (Kakkara Menon), whereever she go out for various rituals. Kadalayil Namboothiri built Durga temple at Kadalassery and Komarath Menon built Kali temple at Pallissery which are 4km and 1km respectively away from the temple .

    where the cloth painting is, i am not sure….

  3. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  4. The painting is very nice. can I get the contact details of painter so that I can request and buy a painting from him ( KP Mohambal)

  5. வேத வித்தகர் மட்டுமல்ல….. சரித்ர வித்தகர் கூட……. ஷரணம் ஷரணம் மஹா பெரிவா!

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