ஐயா ஏறிண்டா, தோள்பட்டையிலே மெத்தை வச்ச மாதிரி இருக்கும்…

Thanks Sri Varagooran Narayanan mama for FB sharing. Periyava_Mena

பெரியவாளின்யாத்திரையிலே நடந்த ஸ்வாரஸ்ய சம்பவங்கள்’

சொன்னவர்-ஸ்ரீ இ.எஸ்.வேதபுரி சாஸ்திரிகள்.
தொகுத்தவர்-டி.எஸ்.கோதண்டராம சர்மா.
தட்டச்சு-வரகூரான் நாராயணன் (Facebook)

(ஒரு சிறு பதிவு)

அப்போவெல்லாம் யாத்திரை போறபோது மூணு குதிரை போகும். சவாரி குதிரை-ன்னு ஒண்ணு. இன்னொண்ணு – டங்கா குதிரை.

ஊர் எல்லை வந்தவுடனே,அதிலே இருக்கிற ரெண்டு டங்காவையும் அடிப்பா.ஊர் ஜனங்களுக்குப் பெரியவா வந்துட்டான்னு
தெரியணும் – என்கிறதுக்காக. மூணாவது-தபால் குதிரை. போஸ்டாபீஸ்லேர்ந்து, மடத்துத் தபால்களை வாங்கிண்டு வர-
எழுதின தபால்களை போஸ்ட் பண்ண.

கிராம எல்லை வந்ததும் கௌரிகாளை-ன்னு ஒரு வாத்யம் -ஊதுகிற வாத்யம் – வாசிப்பா-சத்தம் ரொம்ப தூரம் கேக்கும்.

1944 காலகட்டத்திலே யாத்திரையிலே, இருபத்திரண்டு இரட்டை மாட்டுக் கூண்டு வண்டி போகும். முதல்லே, பூஜை வண்டி;
கடைசியிலே கார்வார் வண்டி,குரு பாதுகை-ஒரு சின்ன வண்டியிலே வரும். அதுக்கு அரைவண்டி-ன்னு பேரு.

பெரியவா பல்லக்கிலே இல்லேன்னா, அது கனக்கும்! பெத்த போகி குஞ்சுன்னு இருந்தான்,

“ஐயா ஏறிக்கணும்’னு கும்பிடுவான்.


“பல்லக்கு கனக்கிறது!….”

“நான்தான் பல்லக்கிலே இல்லையே?”

“ஐயா ஏறிண்டா, தோள்பட்டையிலே மெத்தை வச்ச மாதிரி இருக்கும்…”

அவனுக்காகப் பெரியவா பல்லக்கிலே ஏறிப்பா!

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  3. English translation

    Aiyaa Erindaa thoLpattaiyil meddai vechha madiri irukkum

    Interesting incidents that took place during PeriyavaL’s Yaathrai

    Speaker: Shri ES Vedapuri ShastrigaL
    Compiler: TS Kodandarama Sharma
    Typist: Varasooran NarayaNan (Facebook)

    In those days 3 horses used to go as part of the Yaathrai. One was called ‘Savaari Kudirai’. The other was ‘Dangaa Kudirai’.
    As soon as the town/village limit was reached, both drums mounted on the horse would be sounded. This was to let the villagers know that Periyava had arrived.
    The third horse was ‘Thabal Kudirai’ – to pick up SriMatham letters from the post office and to post letters

    As soon as the village limits were reached, the ‘GowriKaaLai’ instrument, which was a wind instrument, would be blown. It could be heard for a very long distance

    Around 1944, the Yathrai would consist of 22 bullock carts drawn by two bullocks each. The first one was to carry all the Puja articles. The last one would house the management – the Guru Paadukai would come in a separate small cart. It used to be called ‘Arai Vandi’

    If Periyava was not sitting inside the palanquin, it would be heavier ! There used to be a carrier called ‘Petthha Bogi Kunju’.
    He would say, “‘Aiyaa’ should climb onto the palanquin”
    Periyava would ask, “Why so?”
    “The palanquin is very heavy”
    “But I’M not in the palanquin at all !”
    “If ‘Aiyaa’ climbs on to it, it will be as though a soft mattress is kept on my shoulders”
    Just to satisfy him, Periyava would climb onto the palanquin !

  4. There can be a Guru who redeems his devotees sufferings.Can there be a Guru who takes the blame from the outside world for the comfort of his devotee?


  6. It is wonderful to read about Mahaperiyava. I spend at least one hour on a working day and several hours on the weekends and holidays reading about Mahaperiyava, Sri Sri Gnanananda Giri Swamigal and other Mahans of India. It is sad that I could never see Him in person. I have been with Swamy at Thirukkovilur Thapovanam since childhood.

  7. Mother is our family Deity also. We constantly meditate on Her Grace and protection.

  8. Pujya Shri Maha Periyavaa visited Shri Madhura Kali Amman temple once,when he was on a visit to Trichy side and worshiped the Ambal after offering the Puja in Siruvachur, who is HIS family Deity. HE visited the temple during that year only to see that water is available for the temple, in the temple tank, to perform Kumbabishegam. It is with HIS blessings and Ambal’s Karunai, Kumbabishegam took place in a grand scale. Shri Madhura Kali Amman, is a very powerful Deity who has also quenched the thirst of Shri Shri Aadhi Shankara, while he was on his way through Mathira Malai (also known as Periyaswami Malai). On having the prathyaksha Darshan of the Ambal, it is HE who arranged installation of HER idol at Siruvachur. Shri Sadasiva Brahmendrar installed the Sri Chakram in the Temple. The temple is open only on Fridays & Mondays. Siruvachur is a very beautiful place enroute Perambalur to Trichy on the Chennai-Trichy National Highway surrounded by small hills, lake, tanks and green fields. One can feel the gentle and cool breeze. The temple was renovated by the King Kulothunga Chola. SHE is a very powerful Deity protecting the people of the village and HER devotees living in India and abroad. Om Shri Siruvachur Devyai cha Vidhmahe Pujyashri Mahaperiyavaa Kudumbaga Kula Devyaicha Dheemahi Tanno Shri Mahashakthi Prachodayaath. Jagadampparnamasthu Om Namas Siruvakshyai.

  9. 1944 scenes of Maha Periyava travelling on camp is graphically described by Brahmasri Vedapuri SasthrigaL. Miost of us could not have had the opportunity of witnessing that scene. Thanks for sharing. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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