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  1. English translation

    ‘Thanakku Minji’

    If we understand this phrase well, that is to say if we understand that ‘Paropakaram’ (helping others) is the Lord’s dictum then we will help others no matter how much trouble we are having ourselves. There is an adage ‘Good deeds beyond one’s means’. People will definitely ask ‘Why are you helping others when you yourself are in trouble?’
    To that your reply should be “If I’m suffering now, it only means that I’m being punished for not following the Lord’s orders in my previous lives. Since I did not help others in my previous lives, I’m going through a tough time now. So that means it is doubly important that I help others now. The trouble that I’m experiencing now is the balance of the ‘Karma’ after the body in my previous life expired. I need to help others now in order to burn that Karma. That is what is meant by ‘Doing good deeds beyond one’s means’. You have misunderstood the meaning completely. Only if I do good deeds beyond my means now, I can hope to live well at least in the future”
    Even when we are undergoing suffering, we should not forget people like ILaiyAnkudimARa NAyanAr who did ‘Paropakaram’
    Regardless of whatever suffering we are going through, one should rise above it. This is what is meant by ‘Beyond one’s means’. Having risen above it, one should help others. This is what is meant by ‘Doing good beyond one’s means’.

  2. Panama Kamala Saranam.

  3. Each and every teachings of practicality upadesams are a ready quotes of our past seers for our day to to day life. SRI guru Maha Perivaa Panama Kamala Saranam

  4. Really I am afraid. Truly we need to think or self assess ourselves, how much are we doing parobhakaram to the society/ all living beings. How much have we taken from the world and how much have we given back?

    Jaya Jaya Shankara. Hara Hara Shankara.

  5. This is only one thing of the oceans of things He has spoken about in Deivathin Kural Volumes 1 to 7. Everyone should read these volumes definitely in their lifetime. Prabhakar

  6. With the blessings of Maha Periyava, we got the right meaning and Thanks for sharing.

  7. Maha PeriyavaLin Maha Upadesam! Teaches many things to us ordinary mortals! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  8. we have now understood the real meaning

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