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  1. Can you pl make this video as public for the benefit of the society

  2. Sir, this video is not available now.

  3. The same experience I had on 4th Jan,1994 when I was in my cousin’s house at Coimbatore. I had a dream of taking oil bath during during day break.Since this was supposed to be a bad omen, I went to wash room and washing myself again tried to sleep when I had another dream of holding the window bars where Periyava used to give darshan crying that I am unable to see Periyava.
    After that I returned to Madurai on 7th where I lived. I had Periyav’s padukas to which I used to apply Sandal paste and Kunkumam. Since i Did not have madi, I resumed it on 8th.When I opended the box which had Padukas,the Kunkumam there was spoilt again indicating a bad omen

  4. Great souls with Total Anugraham from Maha Periyava! Such Bhakthi will redeem us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. Excellent experience with Maha Periyava! This will definitely motivate many to understand the knowledge and the greatness of His devotees too. A mere thought about Periyava will shower great benefits! We wish to hear about the association of all such blessed souls. Best Wishes!

  6. Gifted family!!!While hearing the narration I was weeping and felt out of the world.

  7. 9/29/14

    Wonderful video-Learned a lot about many private moments in Periava’s life. This blog makes it possible for us to know about the special (unique) qualities of Him. Kumari Hema touched my heart. She has a calm and kind disposition describing the events with such clarity and poise. I wish I could see her in person someday. If anyone is in contact with her, please pass on my comments.
    Thanks and Regards

  8. Very nice interview explaining once again the mahimai of periavaa. Importantly in this interview we note from the person giving the interview that ” If we follow what perivaa has asked us to do as daily anushtanam etc” he is always present there.

  9. great interview, what a flow of narration by Kumari Hema about various incidents with Sri Periyava.,

    At the end “andha Periyava anugraham illatee ivalavu thoram erruka modiyathu, epppadi poyirukumo yar kandathu,” what a expression, great.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

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