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  1. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish.

    86 Maha Periyava – Anubavangal Aayiram
    From 1956 onwards, he was a cartoonist in Ananda Vikatan under the pseudonym of Sridhar, he wrote dramas under the pseudonym of Marina. He wrote several spiritual anecdotes under the name Bharanitharan. He has captured many hearts with his superb style of writing.

    Bharanitharan says….

    It was the year 1965 at Sri Mayilai Karpagambal Kalyana Mantapam. It was 4:30 in the morning. Periyava is getting ready to go out somewhere. I had stayed back in the Mandapam the previous night; I also got ready and walked out with Him. He looked back at me as I was walking behind Him close by. He began talking as He walked.

    “Will you write about Tirpuathi?”
    “I will do whatever Periyava says.”

    “Tirupathi, you see, is the most powerful, spiritually elevated place in the world. It is a place which is the confluence of the powers of Maheshwaran, Vishnu, Brahma, Varahar and Kumaran along with the powers of the seven Mothers. The Perumal who is stationed on top of the hill is very, very powerful. When I was on Kashi Yathrai earlier, I had the Darshan of Venkatachalapathi. They let Me enter the sanctum sanctorum. I also went behind the Vigraham and made a close observation”. When Periyava was thus relating this old incident, a devotee prostrated in front of Periyava on the road itself and invited Him to his house. Periyava’s attention was diverted. My desire of getting a precious gem of an incident about Tirupathi was dashed to the ground.

    After this incident, I tried to get additional details about the Tirupathi incident two or three times. In vain. Twice, i got the splendid opportunity to walk along with Periyava to Tirumalai. On the first occasion, i tried to bring up the topic of the Tirupathi incident. I was desperate to start writing about it. I did not get a direct response.

    “When I went to Tirumala for the first time, I remembered seeing a sculpture on the Vimana Gopuram depicting Markandeyar hugging a Shivalingam and Shiva Peruman chasing away Yaman. But after that, due to the gold plating that was done to the Vimanam, that sculpture was no longer visible. Will you do this ? It was under the leadership of VS Thyagaraja Mudaliar that a committe was set up which did the gold plating. Before the gold plating was done, they would have taken photographs. It will be there with him. You go to him, look at those photos and come back and report to me if you were able to find that particular sculpture in them”, He ordered me.

    After returning from Tirumala, I went to VS Thyagaraja Mudaliar and told him all that Periyava had said. But VST said that those photos were not with him and that it was GK Vale which had taken those photographs then. I went to GK Vale and told them. They hunted a lot for it and said they do not have the negatives. Disappointed, I came back and reported all this to Periyava.

    In 1969, for the second time, I climbed up the Hill along with Periyava. Since for the most part, Periyava was observing Silence, I was not able to bring up the Tirupathi incident.
    The next day, as we were coming back after taking Darshan, Periyava brought up the topic of the ‘Vimana Markandeyar’ sculpture and said “Ask the old Bhattacharyas who live here. They would know”. Accordingly, I went to several houses and enquired with many people. One person said ‘That’s not right’. Some said ‘I have not seen it’. Some others said ‘I do not remember.’
    After that Periyava did not speak to me anything about Tirupathi. I too did not bring up the topic.

    But a few incidents and experiences occurred during my second visit to Tirupathi, which, as days, months and years passed, had a big impact on me. They were responsible for giving me strength to face some changes that happened both in my personal life and in my immediate family environment. They were also responsible for me to draw deep inferences from some events that happened subsequently. To this day, they remain as a beacon light and continue to guide me.

  2. Maha Periyava Perambur ai patri avargalathu Pidi Arisi Thittain Patri Peryava PERANBUR enru chonnathagavum agave Peranbur Azhaighirathu enra thalaipil ezhuthiya katturai (by Bharanidharan)
    thangal web sightil veliyudubadi prarthiggiren
    guru seva mani sankara yegnanarayanan….

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