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Chief Justice Sri Jaganath Misra was once accompanied by his friend from Mexican Embassy in Delhi.

Sri Misra introduced him to Periyava saying, “He is a friend of mine from Mexico”.

Periyava replied “Mexico? What do you mean? He is from Delhi!”.

Sri Misra noded “Yes…”

And Periyava continued, “He is a Lawyer but never practiced…”

Now, Sri Misra looked strangely at his friend because he never aware of such thing. His friend has ageed and said, “Yes. I got a law degree but never went to the court.”

And Periyava has just starred for a moment & continued, “You’ve a large horticultural garden in Mexico, your father is Justice Misrataking care of it alone because your sister has gone away, your mother passed away and you’ve come here. What is this? Why didn’t you take up the Horticultural garden work & help your father, instead of this profession?”.

He has replied, “I like this job…” And the conversation went on…

When they were bidding for ‘Utharavu’, Periyava has said…”You’ve come from Tokya & you’re going to Rome?”

He has quickly denied saying, “No! No! Usually they don’t transfer immediately. It takes two years!”.

Periyava has blessed & they left. Back in Delhi within a week, suddenly Sri Misra was woken up by his son by 11pm in the night.

“What happened?”.

“Sorry, father.This gentleman from Mexican Embassy wants to talk to you urgently…”, his son replied.

He took the call. His friend, “Good Evening, Good Night & Adieu”. “What happened? Why all three at a time?”, Sri Misra queried.

He responded, “Sir! I’m transferred to Rome & I’ve report immediately, so I thought of informing you before leaving urgently…”

Tri-Kaala Gnani is a term rarely used even in Srimad Valmiki Ramayana only for few maharishis… We’ve lived during the time of such a Tri-Kaala Gnani, Sri MahaPeriyava. Seeking his blessings to make us better inside & outside.

(I think the link and photo provided is the same person referred in this article. If not, pl pardon my mistake!)

Article Courtesy: Shri Shivaraman

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  1. aathmaava andhra pakkam pottutu, sareeratha keralaapakkam pottuttu, sanchalatha karnataka pakkam pottutta, ivai moonrum sandhikkum neram adhai control panradhu oru interesting athma vilaiyattu endru naan ninaikkiren, aana , adhukku kadavul anugraham romba avasiyam adhuvum chinna vayasuleye . edho en manasukku pattadhai sonnen enakke idhu marandhu poiyidum adhanaalthaan ippo idhai inge ezhdhugiren hara hara sankara, jaya jaya sankara ……. all the best

  2. some kind of telepathy and there is something television and telepathy and and all scattered and here is gods’plenty and we don’t know to stitch and soul stitches in no time and that is gods creativity and thank for the recollection of interview

  3. ஓம் மனஸ்சாஞ்சல்ய நிவர்த்தகாய நம:

  4. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara. Way back in 70s, when I was schooling, I had an opportunity to have darshan of Maha Periyavaa, while I was in my Grandpa’s house at Thiruvidaimarudur. My Grandpa’s house is located just opposite to Bhajanai Madam in Mahadana Street. My Grandpa was a retired Station Master. Shri Gurubyo Namaha

    Balasubramanian NR

  5. I had an opportunity to have the dharshan of Sri Periyava in 1977 at Kalavai, where he was with minimal mutt staff. Upon my praying for his dharshan, Sri Periyava, who was listening to some text read by the mutt staff, stopped at that and gave me dharshan for almostg 15 mts. without speaking a single word,but only staring at me. If I recollect that moment and go thro, the present narrations,I consider myself as one of the most bleassed in having had the dharshan in Ekantham of a Trikala Gnani

  6. yes, no doubt. they r thiri kaka gjani.we r blessed to have their dharshan.

  7. The man in the photo (with black blazer suit) is Hon’ble Justice Ranganath Misra (Retd, Supreme court of India)

    • I would strongly urge that we should all be very cautious before praising anyone other than Sri Mahaperiyavaa. If I remember there was some blot or complaint about this person’s integrity which came up later. I will try to get the details separately

  8. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  9. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya jaya shankara

  10. DEar Mahesh, small correction. It must be Justice Ranganath Misra, former Chief Justice of India. I’ve heard his audio clipping also on this subject (on Periyavaa’s Satabdi Utsav – I think). Best,

  11. This was an incident witnessed by justice ranganath misra. Narrated by justice himself in one of his speeches – audio clipping posted here before.

  12. The very look of our Maha Periyava on a person can introspect him and bless him to understand ” Who am I “,and gradually transform him to become a great soul . Here too that has happend ,only Periyava and the person concerned can understand the change. This is Periyava’S miracle.

  13. Sri Periyava Saranam

    Those who had darshan of Sri Periyava are greatly blessed.

    Sri Periyava Saranam

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