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  1. The Sankapa of our Periyava will surely happen.,What is most important is The Faith., Any body who keeps full faith in Him will be surely taken care off. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  2. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish.

    77-Maha Periyava – Anubavangal Aayiram

    Nilakkal Ramachandra Sastrigal continued…”There’s another incident. A person from Andhra, belonging to the Reddiyar community had a lot of devotion in MahaPeriyava. He would come to SriMatham frequently. His baby daughter did not have vision and he brought her also. That day ‘Laksharchanai’ was done. After the Karpoora Aarathi was done and after everybody had finished chanting Thotakashtakam, MahaPeriyava was informed about this. Periyava got up and came and spent some time keenly staring at the child.
    “You can take the child and go ! Everything will be fine”, and raised His hand in blessing. Very soon, that child too got its vision. That child grew up and her wedding also was conducted in a grand fashion.

    We came to know about this incident only after Reddiyar came and told that it was due to Periyava’s grace that her child got her vision. Periyava’s devotees do not call Him ‘Nadamadum Deivam’ just like that. They say that only because they have experienced His grace and His shower of blessings. We are extremely fortunate to have lived with Him and to have served Him.

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