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  1. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish

    75 – Maha Periyava – Anubavangal Aayiram

    Second half of 1931 – it was a time when the British Government was really turning the screws. Both people and institutions believed that if they openly supported the Congress, they were inviting trouble.
    Periyava was camping in AaraNi, North Arcot. Then a group of Congressmen came, asking for permission to meet Him.

    The staff at the SriMatham who let Periyava know about this told Him, “The atrocities being committed by the Government are at an all-time high now. If Periyava meets with these Congressmen, it can result in a lot of problems for the SriMatham”.
    Periyava listened to all this patiently. “Tell all of them to come inside. Prepare food for all of them in the Matham itself”, He dropped this bombshell very casually.

    The staff at the SriMatham executed His orders thinking to themselves fearfully, “Wonder what is going to happen now”.
    Nothing untoward happened.
    The manager told this to Periyava, happily. Periyava gave this gem of a reply, “When someone comes to see Me, no matter who he is, if I fear the consequences of meeting him and shut the doors, then what is the meaning of sitting in this position and calling Myself a ‘Jagadguru’ ?”

  2. this fear of those people in those days were unfounded and only shows the faith they had in periava i am sorry. periava is god and no englishman would prevent anyone from seeing god. they themselves were respecting and it would not be an exaggeration if they had themselves had come and met periava and sought his blessings!!!! they did nt do it , because periava did not want it. if He had wanted anything that would have automatically happen. that is why is called Periava. shankaraaaa!!!

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