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  1. மகா பெரியவா கலியுக தெய்வம். அதில எந்த சந்தேகமும் இல்லை. நம்மை அந்த தெய்வத்தின் தரிசனம் கிடைக்க ரொம்ப கொடுத்தவர்களாவொம். அதில் எந்த சந்தேகமும் இல்லை.

  2. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish.

    72 – Maha Periyava – Anubavangal Aayiram

    It was a time when former chief minister of Tamil Nadu MGR was undergoing treatment in America. Kanchi PanneerSelvam came to Periyava and prayed, “I request Your blessings for MGR to regain his health”.
    Maha Periyava replied, “There is a village in Karnataka where there are some statues of Gods lying buried underground. They need to be excavated, a temple built for them and they need to be installed therein. Let him know”.
    Accordingly, Kanchi PanneerSelvam conveyed this to MGR’s associate VN Janaki. Later, with the assistance of the chief minister, those idols/statues were excavated, a temple built and they were installed.

    MGR recovered completely, returned from America, came for Periyava’s Darshan and took His blessings.

  3. all are ine in the eyes if this mahan

  4. Eager to know about the place in karnataka

  5. which is that place in karnataka. it would be helpful if that is also indicated please.

  6. பெரிவாவின் கருணை, அரசியல்வாதிக்கும் ஒன்றே, ஆண்டிக்கும் ஒன்றே. நல்ல காலம் அது எம்.ஜீ.ஆர்.ரா இருந்தார். அதுவே கருணாநிதியாயை இருந்திருந்தா…… பெரிவாக்கே அறிவுரை போயிருக்கும்.

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