Kamakshi Kataksham – Periyava’s Upanyasam

Thanks to Sridhar for sharing this link…..Audio quality is so good…

I listened to this again! I am sure I listened earlier too – but don’t remember.. Periyava defines the lakshanam for Kamakshi kadaksham in a language that a common man like me can easily understand….

Don’t miss – I am sure you all must have heard before…

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  1. I wish it could be translated for the benefoit of non Tamil people who are dvotees of the Great Swamiji.

  2. ஓம் பக்த பரிபாலக ச்ரேஷ்டாய நம:

  3. Could i get help to download deivathin kural(tamil) in audio form

  4. Very educative to fight out our drawbacks n to live in harmony .

  5. Aaha, enna oru vilakkam? Maha Periyava’s Anugraha Urai defines ‘Easwara’. All these are aptly applicable to Maha Periyava also. Then should we not call Maha Periyava as MAHA PERIYAVA EASWARA or any other such Aradhana Naama?

  6. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avarthamm thirup paadhangale potri potri

  7. Om Kaamaakshyai Namaha! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam!

  8. Wow…Thanks for this post…I have never heard this before. The audio is very clear…but the speech is faster at times (periava’s natural). What a wonderful message it was…..very apt example of a re-bouncing ball for how khaamam is turning into Khobam…..it was an eye-opener for me…..

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