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  1. Please bless me God Kanchi Mahaperiyava to start construct my own House and name it as Sri Mahaperiyava Gruham and Om Sai Illam please.

  2. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish

    Here is the experience of Murugan, who is currently in the USA.

    In Chennai’s Mylapore area stands the famous KarpagambaL Kapaleeswarar temple. It was the practice of my mother AnandavaLLi along with her ladies group to recite Lalitha Sahasranamam Stotram since 1950 at this temple. There was a lady by name Muthulakshmi Ammal who was the leader of this troupe. This troupe was known by the name ‘KarpagambaL Sahasranama Goshti’ and the leader as ‘Guru Paati’. My mother was a member. Apart from the daily ParayaNam, she used to be an active participant in the temple events – ceremonies, special day archanas, Abhishekams, Aaradhanais etc.

    In 1970, KarpagambaL appeared in the dream of Guru Paati and said “You and your Goshti are doing regular daily Sahasranama ParayaNam to Me. Just like Visalakshi and Kamakshi have golden Sahasranama ‘Kaasumaalai’, I also want one. Will you get one prepared ?” The Paati happily shared this news with her troupe. A collective decision was taken to approach devotees, solicit donations from them, get the ‘Kasumalai’ prepared and adorn KarpagambaL with it.

    Several years rolled by; the troupe comprising of mostly middle class people was not able to collect enough money for the ‘Kasumalai’. Based on the opinions of a few, in 1978, Guru Paati and my mother along with the troupe went to Kanchipuram SriMatham to consult the Paramacharya. When they were waiting, a SriMatham official came up to them and said “Periyava is asking you to come immediately. Go quickly”, and they went inside. They were thrilled to see the Pamacharya. He asked them “So, have you not been able to collect requisite funds for the Kaasumalai ?”. As they were wondering how Periyava asked them about the same topic on which they had come to consult Him, Periyava said “AmbaL asked you on Her own, She will also provide the means. There is no need to worry.” He added “What Visalakshi and Kamakshi have is rich ‘Kaasumalai’ but what KarpagambaL is going to get is Bhakthi Kaasumalai”. He said to my mother and to Guru Paati “Name it ‘Karpagam Suvasini Sangam’ and continue to do many Suvasini and Bala Thripurasundari Poojas”, blessed them and gave them Prasadam.

    They followed whatever Maha Periyava had instructed; donations in cash and kind came abundantly. In 1982, work to manufacture the ‘Kaasumalai’ started. Chennai Ummidi Bangaru Kannan was entrusted with the task. On one side of every coin, one ‘Nama’ was engraved, and on the other side, the emblem of the temple – Sivalingam being worshipped by a peacock – was engraved. In the background was the figure of the AmbaL. Frequently, updates on the progress of the work was being conveyed to MahaPeriyava through the SriMatham. The Paramacharya sent some Vedic Pundits from the Veda Patashaala to ensure that the ‘Naamas’ and the order in which they were being engraved was happening correctly.
    There were some hurdles to this noble work also. Religious endowment board, some members of the temple board, some other mischievous elements in society which did not have any other work to do interfered. But because of Maha Periyava’s grace, due to the secretary Sugavareswar, Thakkar Kuppuswamy, head priest Vishwanatha Sivacharyar and lawyer Krishnaswamy etc, the work went on well.
    It was decided that “Arulmigu Karpagambalukku Lalitha Sahasranama Thanga Kaasumalai Samarpana Vizha” will be held on 26/Feb/1986 and will be sponsored by Vivek and Co.

    Call it fate or misfortune, my father took ill on 20/Jan/1986 and was admitted to a hospital. He lost use of his limbs and lost his speech also. The doctors also gave up on him and gave him a maximum of 48 hours to live. My mother was heartbroken and spent all her time in the Pooja room of our house. Guru Paati, along with her troupe, Ummidi Kannan and Vivek took the final Kaasumalai and went to see Paramacharya. Seeing all of them, Swamigal asked “How come your secretary is not here ?”. In response, they tearfully described the state of my father and mother. Having looked at the Kaasumalai, Periyava said “The maalai has come out very well. To adorn this on KarpagambaL, your secretary will be there. You can go without worrying”, blessed them and gave them Prasadam. They all came to my house directly and conveyed what Periyava had said and gave the Prasadam. A miracle took place then ! We got a message just then that my father’s condition had improved a lot, he had regained consciousness and was even talking ! The doctors were amazed, said this was a miracle and discharged my father from the hospital the next day itself. He walked back home from the hospital which was just 2 blocks away.

    On 26/Feb/1986, the Kaasumalai function went off grandly. My father came to the temple and participated in the function briefly. Due to the position she held as secretary, my mother presided over the function, put the Kaasumalai on KarpagambaL in the morning, and spoke a few words in the event that was held in the evening. Additionally, a Godrej almirah to house the costly Kaasumalai was presented. Currently, every Friday, every Pournami and every 26th February, KarpagambaL is being adorned with this Kaasumalai. On 13/Mar/1986, my father reached the lotus feet of AmbaL in a painless death. I don’t have words to describe the kindness of MahaPeriyava who gave a new lease of life to my father who was given up by doctors, thereby letting my mother do her duty and letting us enjoy his company for a few days more. To this day, I derive great pleasure in talking about the greatness of MahaPeriyava and about this miraculous incident with my relatives and friends.

  3. Dear Mahesh


    Everything is His Grace and happens for a cause… He connects right people at right time for a right cause, we immortals never know / understand…. Continue the Great Work… He will shower His Blessings…

    I happened to get connected with you and the site yesterday on the 80th Birth Day… Our humble contribution was launched yesterday http://lramanan.com/news… Had their Darshan last week at Kanchi and stayed there for 3 days… His Blessings in abundance be showered on all of us we immortals…

    We are currently translating tamil version of “Mahaperiyavalum Ekambaramahiyananum” by His Grace… any devotees of Maha Periyava would like to participate in translating a chapter of few pages can write to jr@LRamanan.com

    Nothing is Ours, Nothing is done by us (we the body)…. All is HIS and All done by HIM…

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

    With Namaskars at their Lotus feet…

    With Pranams

    (L Ramanan – as this body is called)

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