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  1. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish.

    61-Maha Periyava – AnubavangaL Aayiram

    When the Kanakabhishekam was conducted for Maha Periyava, I went there and did the cooking for the entire 30 days. To oversee how the food was being served, HH Jayendra Saraswathi and HH Vijayendra Saraswathi had come.

    Political leaders were seated in the first floor of Kamakshi Kalyana Mantapam, other dignitaries were seated in the front hall of the same building, other devotees who had come for Darshan were seated in the Pandal downstairs – this is the way I had arranged the seating (but items were the same for all). In the area for the Bhaktas, I had demarcated two rows. One row was for hungry ‘Narikkuravars’ and the other row for the handicapped. This was done to ensure that they could eat peacefully without anybody jostling them.

    Among the handicapped, for those people who did not have fingers, we served mixed rice. Both Periyavas noticed this. “You have given this a lot of thought..you will get a lot of Punyam”, they wished me heartily.

    Just like this, once in the past, during Periyavar’s Jayanthi, He sent for me after I had finished my cooking. From the bamboo plate that was there in front of Him, He ordered the money that was there in it to be given to me as salary.

    One of the SriMatam assistant Chandra, took the plate up.

    As I put my Angavasthram in front of me, he emptied the contents into it. Bundles of two rupees, five rupees and ten rupees ! A lot of coins too ! Along with it, there were half gram gold coins that came and fell into my Angavasthram.

    I was astonished. Just as He had laughed several years back when, under similar circumstances, eleven rupees were given to me from a bamboo plate, He laughed now too and blessed me by raising His hand.

    I was thrilled.

    But unlike earlier, by His grace, I was not in a situation now where I had to depend on this money for my daily existence. I came home and put the money into a tiffin box without even counting it. I kept this box in the Puja room of my house in front of His big photo and I’m performing puja to it every Friday.

  2. I wd request devotees to read my earlier blog somewhere on Arusuvai Natarajan’s apara Bakthi on Mahaperiyava.How he n his wife,suffering from abject piverty,decides to go to Kanchipuram,have a last Darshan and committ suicide!How the Great Parameswara,asks Natarajn:”You look so distressed..Don’t go anywhere else.Be near me!”asking His disciples to have an eye on Natarajan.
    .A miracle happens Next morning,when A true devotee from Thirupathi comes and tells Mahapaeriyava”Thanks to Mahaperiyava,I have made enough money on hiring these old Vessels for marriage functions,I want to hand over to some one deserving!”
    Mahaperiyava asks him to hand them over to Natarajan,who by hiring these vessels becomes a crore pathi!All true words written by Arusuvai himself in Ananda Vikatan!
    He says for one special lunch for Jayalalitha’s adopted son’s wedding,he charged rs4cr!
    Nadamadum Deivam!

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