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  1. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! All of us enjoy “Sambara More” and Uppuma! Maha Periyava uses food and taste to Teach us about life!

  2. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish.

    60 – MahaPeriyava – AnubavangaL Aayiram

    Feasts grander than those in palaces happen in a certain place – that’s Kanchi Shankara Matam ! Every year during MahaPeriyava’s birthday, grand feasts are organized with Payasam, Koottu, Poriyal etc in the menu. Periyava had high regard and liking for Appa’s (Nannilam Narayanasami Iyer) cooking. In particular, Periyava used to like Appa’s buttermilk prepared from ‘Thayir Sambaram’.

    Do you want to know what is ‘Thayir Sambaram’ ? We have to add curds to water and mix it well after adding ginger, curry leaves and salt. People who have tasted it once will come back for more. It will be so tasty. For all this, ‘Thayir Sambaram’ was not an idea that we deliberately came up with.

    Once during a Periyava festival, we were running out of buttermilk. If we do not serve rice with buttermilk and just stop with Sambar and Rasam, it would be a mistake. Appa quickly took the curds which was reserved for the next day, mixed it with ginger, curry leaves etc and came up with this formula. That is how this item was born.

    Periyava would not even ask for ‘Mor Sambaram’. But if Periyava happened to get the smell of Upma being prepared by Appa, He would come to the kitchen itself. “The smell of Upma is very good, will you not give me some, Narayana ?”, Periyava would ask. Appa was such an Upma specialist

  3. Mahesh, English translation

  4. I agree as I am one who has enjoyd it. I think narayanan, s daughtervis now a company secretary.

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