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  1. Mahesh, English translation. Please publish.

    57 – Maha Periyava – AnubavangaL Aayiram

    That lady fell down at MahaPeriyava’s Holy Feet and bowed to Him. She described to Him the astonishing dream that she had had – “I dreamed that I submitted a gold cup full of sugar candy and raisins to You and received Your blessings”.

    “Oh is it ? If that’s what you want to do, do it”, said the Swamigal.

    “Though I have the desire to do it, I do not have the means for it !”, said the lady wistfully.

    “Ok, you can do it whenever you can, then”, He said.

    Time passed by. Her uncle left a certain percentage of his property in this lady’s name and passed away. After that, that lady brought Rs 4000 to Swamigal. She submitted this to Him in a plate.

    “Why are you giving this money to Me ?”, He asked. She said that as mentioned earlier, instead of submitting sugar candy and raisins in a gold cup, she thought she could submit money instead.

    “If you want, you can do exactly as you saw in your dream. It is not necessary to submit money instead”, said the Acharya.

    The lady took back the money. She came back with a gold cup and a lot of sugar candy and raisins in it and submitted it to the Swamigal. At that time, He was in KaattuppaLLi. He accepted the gold cup and blessed that lady. Because her dream had come true, that lady went back extremely satisfied.

    Later, the Swamigal asked the SriMatam officer, “Do you have any objections in including this into the accounts book ?” The officer hesitated a little. It was a time when there were a lot of legal restrictions around accepting gold items as gifts.

    The Swamigal immediately understood the reason behind the officer’s hesitation and said “If we accept this gold cup and include it into our accounts, I will become an accomplice to an illegal act. Being in My position where I need to guide you all, if I utter a lie, then you all will start lying without any hesitation. So we need to do what is right.”

    Then the SriMatam officers stood there unable to understand what Swamigal was going to do now. “Take this cup to Chennai and hand it over to the Chief Minister as a donation towards the National Security Fund”, He immdiately ordered.

    It was a time when the India-Pakistan war was going on (1965). The SriMatam officers who went to Chennai dispatched it to the Front to our brave soldiers through the incumbent Chief Minister. The Prasadam from it was distributed to our brave soldiers who were doing battle.

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