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  1. MahaPeriyava Padma Padham Charanam Saranam

    Putting this question itself very well thought through,

  2. Mahaswamy is an avatar, no wonder in that – if Mahaswamy himself said it or not, it should be our strong faith in him that he is an Avatar- the one and only true Satguru of our age- It only befits our Mahaswamy to be called the same – no others could be called as Avatar for the below resons.

    Some one told in a video recording, there was no acharya alive for showing the way to Mahaswamy – he was, like the Srivaishnavas say, a ‘Swayamacharya’ – who dwelt to the depths of all branches of Vedas and in the true sense of a Sanyasi and a Shankaracharya, always served the community in bringing the essence of Vedas to us in each and every walk of common man.

    He never showed hatred but with his compassion, showed the similarity in our Dharmic traditions – even the latest 1000 year old historic Hindu temple in Indonesia, Sri Mahaswamy took the direction so early in showcasing the Ramayana & Mahabharata of our shared heritage with Thailand and other east asian cousins.

    Think of it, who else could have thought of even studied the ‘abrahamic religions’ and found the differences and refuted conversion – at the same time quote the goodness in them as well?
    Who else, could have thought of unifying the diverse groups on the shared commonality of Vedic wisdom and Dharma Rakshanam.

    Who else, who seemlessly incorporated the non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi at the same time stood for defending the essence of Veda Rakshana & Gho Samrakshana.

    Who else, by his infinite grace, travelled the nook & corner of India, and stressed the need to save our sampradaya? – who else, but our only Avatar, Mahaswamy – no words – no emotions – no great sthutis can comprehend his immense love & affection towards us.

    Great are his thiruvilayaadal for he stood to protect his devotees by replacing Ego with kindness and humbleness in one and all.

    In an age when many Gurus and Peetadhipathis are so bent on fanning the hatred and separatist attitudes, Mahaswamy stressed the need to be united under the umbrella of Dharma. When everybody were busy finding difference within ourselves with philosophy, Hari-Hara bedha, caste marks, etc., these people were indirectly supported (with / without their knowledge by other religious mafias ). In such a situation, Mahaswamy was the only one who did ‘Poorva Paksha’ & reversed the glance on the other religions – he showed the common ‘Dharma’ that percolates all the varied ‘dharshanas’ and stressed the need to follow the ‘Dharma’ irrespective of the ‘Dharsana’ & be united as a Dharmic force against the abrahamic force. In my humble opinion, this one thiruviyalaadal of him alone suffices to prove his ‘Avatarathvam’ & Yuga Purushatvam.

  3. I am really unable to figure out the clue. But I saw Paramacharya like Adi Shankaracharya just a split second. Very satisfying for me. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  4. Aiyan Karunai.

    Mahesh Ji

    from 6th minute onwards, Aiyan talks about great mahans who are very bright…they are travelling across the world, even though it is not necessary for them.

    other than Adi Aiyan, who else traveled with his lotus feet so extensively like beloved Aiyan?

    that too three times…

  5. jagathi mavithum kalithahruthayo vicharanthi mahamaha saschalathaha ahimaam surivathra vibasi kuro bhava shankara deshiklame charanam there are mahans appearing in this universe as acharyas as told by our mahaswami for saving the people

    in addition kanchi mokshapuri periava telling periava read in books acharya also attained siddhi in kanchi and our periava also at this Mokshapuri Kanchikshethram as adhishankaracharya for this time in this avathara also attained siddhi at kanchi to protect people from this adhishthanam ever

  6. Shri Kalyanaraman nailed it…..To the best of my knowledge, no scriptures mention about the nature of HH Thotakacharyar’s behavior of clapping, jumping etc upon receiving the anugraham from His guru…Except for Adi Shankara and others in the scene, none would have witnessed this…

    By saying this, it doesn’t mean this is the only right answer.

    Makes sense?

  7. Is it Adiyaarkku Adiyen?

  8. Explaining about Guru Bakthi to Shisyas & Baktas, Wearing Rudrasha, Mudra (hand) & Vibuthi on whole body. Sitting on the ground. (Adi Sankara bottom of Guru, Dakshinamurthy. Periyava bottom of Guru, Adi Sankara)

  9. I felt when Periyava said that Adi shankara himself came to Kanchi and attained Siddhi, I was able to feel that our Periyavaa is none other than Adishankarar – reincarnation.

  10. At 5.50 mts He says pointing to Himself “லோகத்தை ரஷிக்க ஒரு உரு எடுத்துண்டு” .i think that as the clue.

  11. I felt that Mahaperiyava is non other than Adi Sankara through out the video. G.Vaidyanathan Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 18:20:03 +0000 To: nathangv@hotmail.com

  12. Moksham (Sddi) in RATNATRAYAM attained by Adi Shankara and Maha Periyava

  13. MAhaperiyava Tunai,

    I think the hint is that both Bagavat Padal and Mahaperiyava have walked and never used vehicle.
    Is this a direct comparison or the suttle hint.
    Egar to know.

  14. Sri Periyava is saying Sri Adi Sankara as a saint, with koti surya prakasam, need not go anywhere, but Sri Adi Acharyal walked all over to shower anugraham on all people and established sanatha dharma and veda. Sri Periyava also saying Sri Adi Acharyal said Kanchi is a Mukthi Kchetram and come to kanchi and stayed here.

    Sri Periyava, with Koti Surya Prakasam, walked all over bharatham and showered anugraham on all people and revived vedas. Also Sri Periyava stayed in Mukti Kchetram Kanchi where all the three Shiva Vishu and Ambal.

    This clearly points out Sri Periyava is Sri Adi Sankara avatharam who is Lord Siva.

    Sri Periayva Saranam

  15. The way Periva expresses about the class Adi Sankara taking and how Thotakacharya came running uttering the Thotagashtagam with clapping hands, go to prove that Periva was reincarnation of Adi Sankara.
    Unless one witnessed an event that type of expression is not possible.

  16. Mahaperiyava is an incarnation of Adisankara and Lord Eswara, because he recollects the slokas in his upansanyam written by Adisankara, several hundred years ago, we are blessed to hear this upansayam

    For me when periyava was explaining how thorakacharya recited the thotkashtakam. You can feel that mahaperiyavaa experienced directly as adhishankarar!!!
    This is my favourite video and felt it first time itself
    Thanks for sharing

  18. At 5:50 in the video, where MahaPeriyava points to himself and says – ORU URUVAM EDUTHUNDU, ORU SAREERAM EDUTHUNDU SANCHAARAM PANRAA

  19. எல்லோரையும் நமஸ்காரம் பண்றா – Where Parabrahmam, Sarweswara, Adi SHANKARA, MahaPeriyavaa points to all anukkathondars and say at 9:11 in the video.


  20. I think I found it……He points to himself when saying “oru uru eduthundu” twice?

  21. Hello Mahesh mama, In the 6th min of the video Periyava explains about mahaan people. he says that from time to time different mahaan incarnates in this world and, have been in this matam to take care of the people to always take them in the right direction and, prevent them from any wrongdoings. I feel that this instance where Periyava says that there have been somebody who has done this in the past he is indirectly saying that he is none other than Adi Sankara.

  22. I love Him in this video 🙂 Will try to find.. 🙂

  23. Here is the hint:

    HH Mahaswami narrates the incidence on Adi Sankara’s thought about Thotakacharya, while awaiting for the sishyas to assemble and start the Sasthra paataa. Adi Sankara never revealed his thinking about Thotakacharya to any of his sishyas.

    It will be known to world, unless Adi sankara himself discloses. Mahaswami exactly speaks, what was in Adi Sankara’s mind, when this incidence happened. If Sarvagna Mahaswami is not Adi Sankara,, how he can reveal, what was going on, in Adi Sankara’s mind?

    There could be other proofs in this video, but this was the one, I could take cognizance of.

    Thethiyur N. Sankaran

  24. Based on what the eyes of this novice saw,
    At 9:24 he gestures hands at his shishyas and says “Adi Shankara” Shishyas;

  25. Maahangal they take a human form and get in to that and come into this material world just becoz of KAARUNYAM on the people over here..There is no use for them to be born and live and keep moving from place to place , its all becoz of KARUNAI they take a human form and do anugraham ..What an awesome words !!

  26. In the Last 3min of the speech , Periyavaa is saying that all the aacharyas including aadhi sankaracharyar have been to kanchi and its the only moksha shetram in the thagshina desham …All the aacharyas in that parampara had been there is the point which he is trying to convey …Is that right ? Please dont feel bad to tell me if iam wrong ..MOst welcome ! !!

  27. Pardon my ignorance and mistakes in this reply – What I noticed is how along with the 2 kanchi periyavas, mettur swamigal and balu swamigal (who are both present in this video) can be equated to Tottakacharya, sureshvaracharya, padamapadacharya and hastamalakacharya, there by making Maha swamigal and Adi Sanakaracharya one and the same

  28. I am able to feel the same in two places..

    1. When periyava says that Sankarar showed sympathy to thotaka.. ( he shows his own heart).

    2. When periava narrating that Sankarar took sthoola shareeram.. ( he shows his own physical form)..

    As you rightly pointed.. We all need to realize that we are so blessed to have saakshat parameswaran in the form of perivaya and the sloka rightly proves that ‘shambor moorthihi charathi bhuvanea shankaracharya roopa’..

    Jaya Jaya Sankara!! Hara Hara Sankara!!

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