Mahaperiyava & Sri Appaya Dikshitar Charithram Part II

Mama is 92 and his ability to reproduce the slokas, incidents from Mahaperiyava is just amazing. His speech reminds me of my school days where my Tamil teacher used to beautifully gives meaning for Kamba ramayanam etc. Mama gives a beautiful/simple vyagyanams on very high vedantic topics to laymen like us.
  • Mama doing a mimi-cry about Mahaperiyava!!! – must-listen
  • How Sri Neelakanda dikshitar calls Ambal as “asadu”!
  • Three simple examples for “Athma balam” by Periyava
  • Mantra to chant when applying viboothi
  • Periyava explains the power of “satsangam”
Mama gets very emotional when repeating Periyava’s maha-vaakyams…How beautifully mama explains our blessings of living in the same period of Mahaperiyava! It is very funny that mama calls himself as layman. What should we call ourselves as?!!

Sincere thanks to Shivaraman for capturing this wonderful video.

Let us pray Mahaperiyava to give all the health and long life for dikshitar mama.

I just called Shivaraman to thank him for this wonderful interview. He mentioned that mama, at this age, recently went to sri matam to do namaskarams to both the periyavas as they are getting ready for a yathra. This is what is called viswasam to kanchi matam and to respect to Kanchi Acharya lineage!!

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  1. Is Raaga,not Raaja

    may be a typing error

    thank you Sri.Chandra Sekhar for sharing the sanskrit sloka,great effort,sir

  2. Sri.Ramani felt,Sri.Mahesh felt it,I felt it and everyone would

  3. To my little knowledge , in Dhikshitar’s sloka both ” Bhavathu ” and ” Bhajathu ” appear to be correct both grammatically and meaningwise . Reg . MahaPeriyavaa’s vedanta talk.. the words confuse . .It wil
    be nice if some scholar clarifies for the sake of all of us .

  4. Awesome. Some pointers:

    (i) The shloka where “Neelakanta Deekshitarvaal” calls AmbAl as “Asadu” is shloka 56 of Anandasagarastavam.

    Taken from

    साधारणे स्मरजये नितिलाक्षिसाध्ये
    भागी शिवो भजतु नाम यशः समग्रम् |
    वामाङ्घ्रिमात्रकलिते जननि त्वदीये
    का वा प्रसक्तिरपि कालजये पुरारेः ||

    Mama uses the word “bhavatu” whereas here its “bhajatu”. Which one is correct?

    PeriyavA’s vedanta talk.

    Q: janmanaha kim phalam?
    A: janmaraahitya karaNam

    Q: janmaraahityam katham vartate?
    Q: janmanaha kim moolam?

    A: raaja:

    Q: raajasya kim moolam?
    A: dviteeya baanam.

    I could only grasp this. Not sure if my Sanskrit translation is correct. But it would great if someone could rectify the above and let me know what are the correct words used.


  5. Sri Dikshithar Maama comes from Mahaan Appaya Dikshithar lineage and is an ardent devotee of Maha Periyava. It is indeed a Blessing to listen to him and share his great experiences with Maha Periyava! Sri. Sivaraman is blessed to record this interview and Sri. Mahesh is blessed to share with us. We, Maha Periyava devotees are blessed to listen to such gems in Sath Sangham. We can only pray to Maha Periyava to bless such Mahaans with long life and continue to bless us and may Sivaramanji and Mahesh continue this great work for long. Heartfelt thanks to both of you! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  6. Very good explanation of realizing the self. When we listen to this interview, we do not want the interview to end. Feel that we should collect more gems from such learned souls and redeem ourselves. Great content and very strong message. I enjoyed the interview


  7. Great interview of Sri Sri Dikshitar Mama. Mamavin vinayam, knowledge,memory and way of explaining the slokas no words.!!! simply simply superb.!!! Sastanga Namaskaram to Mama. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  8. Pokkisham. Thanks Mahesh.
    Mama pallandu kalam vazhndu nam Periva
    pathi mama moolam ketka vendum. Mamakku
    enadu koti namaskarangal..
    Hara Hara Sankara
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

  9. Simply great! I just see Periyava in him.Pl let me know his place of residence & address

  10. Dikshidar mama is a great exponent .what a lovely way of explaining his experience with Maha Swamigal. Hope there are more recordings from dikshidar mama.Thanks to Shivram , Mahesh team for bringing it so that people like me can enjoy.Let your great service continue.

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