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  1. Periyava Is the Avathar of Jagath Janani. Only a few can understand this. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  2. Mahesh, english translation. Please publish

    Well known writer Indira Soundarrajan speaks…

    A poet was travelling in the Chettinadu territory along with his family. He was unable to find any place to have food. They were all starving. Dusk was falling. Then he made out that MahaPeriyava was staying in a place near Pudukkottai.
    Immediately, he asked his driver to go in that direction. However his family members said that since it would be night soon, it is not proper to disturb MahaPeriyava.
    To that the poet replied ‘We will not disturb Him. Let us take His Darshan in the morning. Let our hunger be a Vratam to Him.’ By the time the car reached the place, it was one at night.

    Just as the car was entering the village limits, a Brahmin stopped the car and asked ‘Are you the poet ?’. The poet was simply amazed since his detour was totally unplanned. It was an age where even telephones were not there. That being the case, both the poet and his family members were unable to understand how this Brahmin could know they were coming.
    When happended subsequently were also equally miraculous. That Brahimin took them to the spot where Periyava was camping, asked them to wash up, and served them piping hot ‘Arisi Upma’ and ‘Pitlai’ on a ‘Thaiyal Elai’. The poet and his family were thrilled beyond words. Once they finished dinner, they were taken to Periyava who was waiting up for them.

    The poet and his family neither expected that dinner, nor did they expect to get this Darshan. The poet had tears of joy in his eyes.

    ‘What ever has happened so far is my good fortune; we never expected this to happen. We do not know how You came to know about our impending arrival, nor do we know how You could make out that we were hungry’, said the poet. A smile was the only response they got from Periyava.

    When the poet said that they would start for Tanjore immediately, Periyava insisted that they should stay here for the night and should leave only next morning.

    When they were about to go to sleep, they also got hot milk to drink. There was an infant among the poet’s group. Milk was the right food for that infant !

    The poet was just floored by Periyava’s kindness and help.
    This poet was none other than AK Velan, who was a prominent personality at that time. He was associated with the Dravidian movement; participated in anti-Hindi and anti-price rise and many other protest movements. He had many questions about religion and spiritualism.

    Periyava did not give him any Upanyasam. He did not say the route adopted by him (AK Velan) was either right or wrong. The poet definitely had a lot of respect towards Periyava but after this incident, that respect turned to devotion.

    A true ascetic sees no difference between one who heeds his words and follows him and one who expresses difference of opinions with him.

  3. can you put this story fully – we are very excited to read and need blessing of Maha Pariyawa.

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