Silpi’s painting of Tiruvanaikka Akilandeswari Amman

Ambal must have read this posting as well (!) – she just sent Shri Thangasubramanian to share a high quality and a beautiful picture of Her. Without Her blessing, there is no way one can bring Her in such an outstanding drawing…I couldn’t take my eyes off Her. the artist community can appreciate more of Shri Silpi’s work…..




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Thanks to Hubli Ramasway mama for sharing this…I did some basic touch-ups….I really wish if we could get a good scan of this picture as opposed to a photo of this painting…..scan will give you a better quality….regardless, this is amazing….if I get a good quality picture, we can frame it for swami room…

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  1. Extremely thrilled to see the ambal. so very exquisite…. very very realsitic. my pranaams to goddess. I completely surrender myself to goddess.

  2. Great picture of Goddess AkhiLaandeeswari of Thiruvanaikka by Divine Painter Silpi. Divine Dharshan. Silpi later attempted to portray Maha Periyava in painting, but it seems that Maha Periyava told him “Naan unakku akaappada maatteen!” Silpi made the painting which was not satisfactory to him and he cried in front of Maha Periyava. Maha Periyava Blessed him and his picture of Him and so did Pudu Periyava also. I read this in an account by Silpi himself. Amara Chaithrikar Silpi! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Needless to say about Paintings of Silpi, as he was blessed by Mahaperiyava and if I am right, the name Silpi was honoured by Mahaperiyava only. I had an opportunity to be with him during his painting of Tanjore Bangaru Kamakshi and he had visited our house also.We are NOT getting his paintings of Karpagambal and Kapaleeswarar. if someone help us it will be nice.

  4. I vividly remember seeing similar and rare pictures in a book by name “Gajaranya Mahathmiyam” or something published few years back which captures the entire history of the Tiruvanaika, Ambals mahmai and the temples connection with the mutt.
    If Mr.Thangasubramanian has details of the book please get it from him and share it with this group.

  5. sri silpi is very blessed. i was present when he was asking permission of periava for drawing this portrait sitting before ambal after he has completed the paintings of old jambukeswaram sitting atop one of the mandapams etc. periava smiled and blessed him. not only that he asked the pandithars to specially do alamkaram to ambal and if i remember right Ramu,Subramania Pandithar,Balasubbu and Muthu pandithars were all engaged in this alankaram. in fact they wanted to put thanka kavacham and it then periava suggested this alankaram. what a sight of ambal that day. of course it took a whole day or more for silpi to draw this painting sitting before ambal. the portrait could not be seen as silpi wanted to give his kataksham first to the portrait and then only it came out. i thought this came in some kALKI OR ANANDAVIKATAN DEEPAVALI MALAR SOMETIME THEN. What a beauty and grandeur. Oh Bless us all. n.ramaswami

  6. Only a truly blessed hand can draw like this. it is not only attention to detail but the true Karunai is depicted. Sri Silpi is indeed a blessed soul

  7. World class drawing…Goddess must have inspired…no other way…

  8. Arumai. No words to express the beauty of Ambhal. Thanks for posting.

  9. Superb painting by Silpi. Ambaal looks enchantingly beautiful.

  10. This is splendid. A reasonably good print of this picture is provided on page 653 (Vol.2) of the collection of Silpi’s drawings published by Vikatan Publications under the title ‘Thennaattu Selvangal’. But the paper is not so good. It would be good if we can get a good print on good quality paper so that we can frame it.. Mother Akhilandeswari is considered a powerful form.

  11. Sairam Mahesh Mahaperiyava thiruvadi saranam

    Artist Silpi’s drawings ( as per Mahaperiyava’s Aagna, heard that he only drew divine pictures and that too visiting various temples and drew the deities) which depicted a realistic view.

    I tried a method – right clicked image and copied the image; pasted in MS word format; right clicked that image and a window appears wherein you will find ‘format picture’ ; I clicked that formating and tried various options giving more percentage of ‘contrast’ and ‘brightness’ to the required extend and also little ‘recolouring’. You may get a desired effect and then take a print out.

    I hope it works out.

    Best Regards Ramaswamy

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