Prasonnatara Ratna Malika

Thanks to Shri Hubli Ramaswamy mama for sharing this…1-liner response for so many questions…absolutely a treasure for real seekers…..Even if we don’t necessarily understand, one should read all the questions / answers….simply outstanding….

Him and Adi Shankara


Here is the download link.

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  1. Great work by Adi AcharyaL. Wish Maha Periyava gives us as Upanyasam! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. Any lay man can set his\her DESTINY RIGHT BY truly following the answers given by OUR ADI SHANKARACHARYA thanks a lot Mahesh

  3. This along with “VivekachoodamaNi” is considered to Adi Shankara’s magnum opus enunciating Advaita Vedanta.


  4. Superb.

    Thanks for the good posting

    Lakshmi narendran.

  5. What is treasure of knowledge deserving protection, utility and to be imbibed?

    None other than Prasannotra Ratnamalika – understandable easily by common man. Thanks Mahesh.

  6. It is this style, Maha Periva’s Deivaththin Kural essence is to be brought out…It will happen if He wills…

  7. Outstanding. Thanks Mahesh.

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