Experiences of Shri Ramadurai Mama Part II

Please join us in this journey of Awe and Wonder as we watch the narration (in this the second interview by Shri G.Sivaraman) of the experiences of Shri Ramadurai Mama with Divinity. Namaskarams to yet another Devotee of Periyava, who due to Thapasya of Purva Janmas had close access to Him and was engulfed in the Anugraham and Grace of Maha Periyava

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  1. I never get tired of watching Ramadurai Mama’s video (both part 1 and 2). Every time I hear his experiences I am so moved. I say moved for a lack of a better word. I have cried, laughed, felt awed, felt envious (unrightly so) listening to mama. Thank you so much for allowing us to watch these videos over and over again. The greatness of Mahaperiyava is no doubt showcased in these videos. But what makes Mahaperiyava’s grace shower on devotees like Ramadurai mama is the innate goodness, whole-hearted devotion, selfless attitude of the devotee which the rest of us should imbibe and follow. Periyava Charam!!

    Thank you.

  2. Natarajan – Ex Addison Nanganallur

    Shri ramadurai Anna, Ananthakoti Namaskarams.

    Mahapriava mahimai ungal anubavathai ketkum Bhagyam kidaythathu. Mei silirka vaithathu . We seek your blessings.

  3. Ramadurai Mama, Ananthakodi namaskarams. Mahaperiyava is blessing us through great devotees like you. Thanks a million.

  4. thanks a million. namaskarams.

  5. Great experience for Ramadurai mama. Part 1 is repeatedly heard. Part 2 is also of similar kind. Many incidents narrated helps to learn the meaning of life. Sir, plan for Part 3.


  6. Really mind sparkling Clipping. Thanks a lot Sir.

    Balasubramanian NR

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