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At work, I finished my half-yearly business review last Friday – more to do a check on how the business is going, what is working, what is not working, where do we need to tweak to make it work better etc. I want to do the same here….The only difference is that we get beaten up or even killed  in our business review and you can’t beat me up here 🙂

Jokes aside, seriously – I don’t want to go on a cruise control without checking the vitals….So I need feedback from you on multiple dimensions – what difference this blog is making in your life, what you like/don’t like about this blog, what features you need etc. So here is a small poll to capture various information. Please be sincere and open in the replies – if I hear the fact, I can correct myself. If you think that you need to write on top of the poll, please feel free to write in the comments section. Answering the poll is critical.

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  1. someone requested for download of video interviews. Since the Videos are uploaded in youtube, There is a Freeyoutube download software available for free which will help to download the youtube videos. All you have to do is copy the youtube url and paste it in the free youtube download. I can be reached @ sundarvarad@gmail.com if anyone needs further assistance.

  2. By this time I have seen the poll results also. But I was on a tour to Kedarnath & Badrinath, hence delay. But Periava’s grace has stopped us at Rishikesh itself and did not allow to proceed further.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  3. In the poll survey,(since I am 45 year old lady) I felt point three section 2,3,6 are not meant for me.1 minimum started Rama/Panchakshara Japam 2 Started/doing sandhyavandhanam regularly 3 Starting to learn vedas 4 Doing temple services 5 Gho/Veda samrakshanam 6 All of the above 7 None of the above- so ticked none of the above……….

  4. Dear All, Kindly read this comment with an open mind.
    I find every one wishes to add the teachings of Maha Periyava and discuss the routines they carry out themselves, thrikal sandhyavandanam and beyond. But remain silent about the views of Maha Periyava on Nithyanushtanams being carried out beyond the soil of Bharat varsha. Sure there are a lot of readers who are abroad and may find it inconvinient to discuss this point. However, In the first place, when a brahmin resides outside Bharatha varsham, he should understand the point that he has lost his sanctity. If we remind this point to ourselves, we may arrive at a mind that stops to look for the materialistic luxuries and so many other false things we look out for and gather guts to listen (not by ears but by following) to the words of MahaPeriyava.

    Hara hara Shankara jaya jaya Shankara

    • This is what one can find about what Maha Periyavaa said. It appears what you have written are your own views if one goes by the narrative below: Please do not hurt people’s sensibilities, if you can.

      Why should a Devout Hindu Not Go Abroad?
      It is well known that Paramacharya did not generally favor people crossing the seas. The answer is found in an article by Prof. Kalyanaraman, eminent neurosurgeon from Madras.

      When the Professor had gone abroad and returned, he came to the Paramacharya to ask what “Praayaschitta” or purificatory rite he had to perform to get rid of the stigma of having gone abroad. Coincidentally, another Indian devotee from Africa had come with the same query.

      Before they could get a chance to ask the question, Paramacharya began a discourse on the very same matter!

      He said that people in the past had to travel abroad primarily by boat/ship. Oftentimes, this trip took longer than three days. Mahaperiyava said that if a Hindu did not perform Sandhyavandhana ceremony for three days, he had to go to Rameshwaram and immerse himself in the holy sea to purify himself. Hence, the general resentment against the act of people traveling overseas over the centuries.

      He then said that it took Lord Rama less than a day to cross the Setu to Lanka and perhaps only a few hours for his victorious flight back to Ayodhya. He therefore said that Rama did not require the Praayaschitta.

      Of his own accord, he asked the Indian devotee from Africa and Dr. Kalyanaraman, simultaneously as to how long the travel between the countries they had visited and India took. They answered to the order of five hours and twenty-four hours, respectively. Paramacharya promptly answered: “you need no Prayaschitta then!”, as he knew that both devotees never failed to perform the Sandhyavandhanam.

      Dr. Kalyanaraman swore to himself never to miss Sandhyavandhanam for the rest of his life after this incident.

    • Aiya,

      Respects to you.

      Who is a Brahmin and who has ceased to be one has been discussed in different contexts, different forums, in different perspectives by different people. Let me go by what Mahaperiyava has mentioned regarding this.

      Once Mahaperiyava was talking about a Chozha Raja who gave his daughter in marriage to a Cambodian(or some South East Asian) prince and sent his Brahmin pundits there. The question arose as to how long they can go without performing Sandhyavandhanam so as to remain a Brahmin. The same question was posed by Mahaperiyava to a devotee who visited Him from ‘seemai’ and the answer was three days. Air travel these days take less than three days, therefore say Rama Rama and move on, was Mahaperiyava’s message.

      I am also aware of the fact Mahaperiyava did not give prasadam directly to devotees from abroad.

      Now, even when I travel I perform Sandhyavandanam, admittedly sometimes in less than an optimal manner, but continue to perform Sandhyavandanam three times a day. I am also the first one to admit I have not been always performing Sandhyavandanam in my life.

      The point I want to convey to one and all is please, please do Sandhyavandanam and encourage others to do so as well. Let us not stray from this singular focus.

      Mahaperiyava Thiruvadigal Saranam.

      Vish V Iyer

  5. Sir,

    As told by many of the blog readers, not a day passes for me without visiting the blog atleast once. As I had earlier told you in one of my comments/replies you are doing a yeoman’s service to all the devotees of our Nadamadum Deivam and you should have poorvajanma punyam to be doing this because inspite of your hectic schedules you post articles/moderate comments etc.

    Also at this point, I personally feel that instead of we calling ourselves devotees of our Mahaperiyava, Mahaperiyava should say he is my devotee following my teachings in toto. For this I feel we need to follow HIS teachings as far as possible. We have seen many of the great devotees who have been personally taken care by HIM (immediate examples being Pradosham Mama, Dr. Sundarraman mama, HH Srivan Jeer Swamigal of Ahobila Matam (who was taken care by our Mahaperiyaval in his Poorvasrama etc.) We shall all strive to reach that state of True Devotee.

    I have been a resident of Kanchipuram and been under HIS benign care for 17 years. But after reading the posts, I feel that I have missed a lot and should have used the opportunity I had more for the sake of spiritual upliftment. Let Mahaperiyaval bless you with abundant energy to continue with this service.

  6. Mahesh ji

    A Ramana devotee. A ramanasramam annual visitor. Girivalam to cleanse your system, body-mind-soul believer. Can only say that now my humble mind tells me to pause at kanchipuram, do a pradakshinam ( 5, as conveyed by the maha-guru in that kamakshi paati story) of Periva adhishtanam and visit the kamakshi temple on my trips to tmalai. Also it’s slowly dawning to my absolutely illiterate soul/mind that kamakshi and Periva are indeed one. And the same is very true of ramana and Periva. Bhagavan is a mouna guru and periyava is a walking talking guru. I only had a huge Bhagavan portrait in my poojai arai until recently. This past jayanthi periyava arrived to a place of honour right next to bhagavan’s photo in our house – its the same photo as The middle one in your cover photo. Many many thanks. This website is a shrine. A very very sacred forum. Hope it is kept the same way and not let political/personal views predominate the forum. Also like ms.lakshmi said above, kindly let the videos run their normal time. We get to savour every word of it. Wishing the best for you and the entire periyava family. – Lakshmi, delhi

  7. Dear Sri.Mahesh,

    Let me join others in thanking you for your time, energy and efforts in initiating and maintaining a quality website that is so close to all our hearts. Like many others, I visit your website everyday and try to imbibe Maha Periyava’s teachings. How much I succeed I don’t know. My sincere thanks to you.

    What I would like to share with you and others is, after a while, all the miracles are of story or entertainment value only. ( I don’t mean any disrespect when I say this, as much as the impact is lost over a period of time) What is the take home message and more importantly are we individually and collectively implementing Periyava’s teachings and if not what is the way forward.

    I have been doing Sandhya Vandhanam three times a day, have been chanting some aspects of the Vedas and trying to remember and pray to Maha Periyava as much as I can. Incidentally, I work around 12 hours a day. The epsiodes of Periyava’s Anugrahams help us in our daily activities and -for starters- my sincere wish is to see everyone do Sandhyavandanam three times a day.

    Collectively what can we do to promote this. A reminder on top of the home page perhaps, just to nudge a little bit more, saying, hey look, this is not a topic for conversation, but to implement a change in EVERYONE’S life. I know you have posted the calender of Kanchi Mutt right on top, but should we have a separate aspect of the website to remind people of Amavasai/Pournami/Thithi/Pradosham with a hint of what needs to be done? I could perhaps share some of the things I routinely do. How can all of us become like say, Pradosham Mama or Pawar or Purandara Kesavalu.

    Just some loud thoughts.

    Kindly keep up the divine work you do.

    Maha Periyava Thiruvadigal Saranam

    Vish V.Iyer,MD
    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Vish –

      Thanks for the note. i agree. Why can’t you share what you have/do on certain key dates and I can share or post it as sticky. In addition to that, if there is a way to remind me (!), I can post on what to do on these days like Pradosham/Pournami etc..

      • Sri Mahesh,

        Thanks for the reply. Today is a great day to start, as it is Pournami and that is the day we are closest to the Gods and to the Guru. How about a streamer across the top of the page ( I am technically challlenged and presume it is doable in wordpress ) saying ‘Reminder to do Sandhyavandanam three times today ….. Today is Pournami think of Mahapeiyava’.

        I will soon prepare a calendar for the next few weeks.

        Mahaperiyava Thiruvadigal Saranam

        Vish V Iyer

      • Dear Vish –

        We can’t do any rolling text/streaming etc due to technical limitation…the best we can do is a sticky post that will be on the top for ever.

      • Sri Mahesh,

        Calendar for the rest of this month Aani (per Thirukkanitha Panchangam) and as I practice is as follows:
        Timing : I simply convert Indian day to American day. Ex: If a particular thithi starts at 6am on the 10th in India, it starts at 6 am on the 10th in the US.

        June 26 Wed Chathurthi- Pray to Pillaiyar. I do homam. Om Gam Ganapathaye Namah

        July 5 Fri Pradosham – 2 hours prior to sunset. Pray to Shiva. Thiru Neela Kantam, Om Chivaya Namah or Om Namah Chivaya ( depending upon you ask for liberation or wealth)

        July 8 Mon Amavasai ( as also July 17 Wed, Maasa Pirappu) Do Tharpanam. Extremely important.

        Mahaperiyava Thiruvadigal Saranam

        Vish Iyer

      • Dear Vish –

        Pl give me your number, I will talk to you and see how effectively we can do this.



  8. I have not had any experience with Periyava but I always, in my heart of heart, had great respect for Him and Ramana Maharishi. I have no knowledge of any of the rituals or mantras or Sanskrit but have been a god fearing man. Your site helps me understand His messages but I find it difficult to understand and assimilate the extracts from Deivathin Kural (I have most of the volumes) because of the Sanskritised Tamil but still read them again and again hoping that what I have understood is correct. But my satisfaction is that I am able to read them and may be understand even only a fraction of the message therein. Keep up the good work. The videos are difficult to understand because of the poor audio and most of the time I erase them with a lot of frustration!!!! In spite of all these, the message from you is what I look forward to when I open my mail and thank you for the same. May His blessings be always with you and all others, With best wishes

  9. dear sri mahesh,
    Excellent work. the impact of your mails/articles on me is BEYOND WORDS That is why I clicked’ none of the above box” in your opinion poll. I always look forward to your mail the first thing in the morning. My name is gopalakrishnan, a reserved person. You will not find me cmmenting on any artcle, but I HAVE to praise youi for your excellent work.

  10. No words to say on your selfless yeomen service in sharing Mahaperiyavaas life & teaching(s). To be candid, you don’t need to do this self introspection for your self-less service, as it is all his grace and blessings. There are few articles w.r.t. Women’s rights in Spirituality & Family Life posted on this blog. Though the articles were very generic & diplomatic in emphasizing the content, the intent behind the language used in the comments by few individuals (in terms of advocating the content) is grossly uncalled for. Couple of examples could be about the age of Women getting married these days / the topic around Kanyadhanam, and the other could be Women pursuing higher education and landing in high profile / high paying jobs working for longer hours. I personally feel that these issues if entertained in the name of comments may lead to unnecessary deadlocked arguments / perception(s) which may bring down the intent / purpose of this blog. Hope there are moderated guidelines enforced especially to take care of certain sensitive topics around this.

  11. I have only one suggestion, and that is, please give maximum preference and importance to what Mahaperiava has asked the Hindus, especially the Brahmin community to practice, even if not all, but at least some. I would like to point out very specifically what He has said repeatedly about conducting Upanayana Brahmopadesams and marriages—–not to make them extravagant celebrations but to conduct them with the minimum expenditure on Loukeekams and give importance to Vedic Rituals. We see a lot of marriages being extravagantly celebrated , including items like music concerts, expensive gifts, A/C halls, extravagant food etc. And , please do not make HIM a ‘miracle’ man, for, We all should realise that He is The ‘Prathyaksha Dheyvam’.

    That is the only request, otherwise, you are doing a wonderful service.

    • Absolutely a great point – someone also mentioned this to me. He is much beyond miracles. I totally subscribe to your point….Hence I intend to start a post per day with His golden words/teachings – will try to do my best.

  12. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    Thanks to Sri Mahesh and his friends who actively contribute / update the blog…;also the readers contribute quite well through their regular feedback..it is Maha periavaa’s continued grace

    This blog has become an important part of my day today life..; every update has an important message and makes me think & feel blessed..; again it is Maha periavaa’s grace

    Few suggestions for your esteemed consideration..

    (i) Possibility of indexing the “articles / videos etc.” by Maha Periyavaa’s timeline?

    e.g. 1910-1920s, 1920-1930s etc.

    (ii) Possibility of adding a “Topic” index

    (iii) Possibility of adding a “Place” index (along Maha periyavaa’s yatra)

    (iv) It is well known that “Veda Rakshanam” is Maha Periyavaa’s highest order priority; hence creating a separate tab on “Veda Rakshanam” could help us secure some interesting updates / contents etc.

    (v) Sri Matam Calendar – The picture is very good clarity; however, I am unable to read the calendar..; hence I download the same and then Zoom. If there is an alternate way, please let me know?

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    • Thanks for taking time to give suggestions. On (1) I already have a post with very important timelines – however I am going to make it stand out clearly(2) I am still thinking about how to do it – there are 1200 posts made so far!!! (3) this requires extensive research of existing articles to geo-tag them – great idea!!!! (4)For now, I am going to leave this as-is (5) I will figure out a way to fix this….

  13. One suggestion – There are many valuable advices of HH Mahapayeriyava which are useful for our daily living. A separate section can be included on this topic. This, together with devotees experience, will have more impact on our readers to follow the dharma prescribed for each of varna. This will help our next generation as well..

  14. Maha Periyava is continuously gracing everybody;one should realise and pray to HIM daily. This blog gives an opportunity for everybody to do this. Dear Mahesh, you are helping the younger generation to know about Maha Periyavaa and earlier generations to know more about Maha Periyavaa. Although many times I had darshan of Him when He was in sthoola sareeram, now only after regularly visiting this site I realise how lucky I was to have his Darshans. You are doing a great job. Please continue. Maha Periyavaa through His grace will definitely provide whatever required for you to continue this service. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  15. Namaskarams. Read all the comments and I agree with most of them. thanks for the great service.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  16. Everyday night i am reading this blog, its my daily routine, i got lot of confidence, happiness in my life after reading this blog & knowing maha periyavaa’s mahimai. maha periyavaa is answering me. thanx for this great blog. kodi kodi namaskarangal.

  17. Yes Sri. Mahesh – cant thank you (& Sri. Karthikeyan and Sri. Panchanathan Suresh) enough for creating and regularly updating this website. Reading each and every article about MahaPeriyava and about each devotees experience with MahaPeriyava is so enlightening. Even though I was not fortunate enough to meet MahaPeriyava, these articles makes me feel as though am connected with MahaPeriyava , by empathizing with other devotees experiences. Thanks to you again and with MahaPeriyava’s blessings this website will continue to grow and benefit more and more devotees (current and future to-be devotees)

    Hara Hara Sankara
    Jaya Jaya Sankara

  18. Excellent service by Shri. Mahesh. Thanks for taking the time to do this great service. Today I prayed for those who got stranded in various places in Uttharakhand floods. I prayed Mahaperiyava that everyone should be united with their family and return safely to their own places. Those who lost their houses should get a new dwelling place and a living. I also prayed Mahaperiyava that Indian Govt and Uttharakhand State Govt should make sure that such incidents do not happen in future. Lets all do a small ‘Koottu prarthana’ on this for a few minutes this week.

  19. I agree with the comments of Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan and I have also ticked none of them. My only regret is that many of the so called devotees of the Sri mahaperiyava never wanted to follow his advice/instructions in spirit and letter like ” do not drink coffee”, “do not wear silk sarees”,” do not accept Varadakshina”, “learn Veda to keep it alive”. By God’ grace I have been performing Sandhyavandanam from the day of my upanayanam except when sick or in travel, have started panchayathana puja when Balaperiyava sent me LaghuPanchayatan puja in Tamil, When I was able to understand the regular process of doing puja, tried to learn the Veda mantras and Samas slowly for use in the puja. During my college days, my Sanskrit teacher whom I approached for sanskrit tuition was kind enough to initiate me into the basics of samaganam and learnt the basics and rudram in samaveda, which helped me to practice the samas required for Sraddha also. These are indirect inspirations from mahaperiyava only.

    Even though I was not a regular visitor to kanchipuram, whenever time is available I used to go to have darashan of the periyava. When I was abut 7/8 years old, mahaperiyava stayed for a month in our house in our village ( around 1942), if I wanted to be close to Periyava the ardent devotees used to drive me out that small children should not come here and disturb. But my mind was to follow the instructions of mahaperiyava whether they see me or not.
    Because of his excellent clairvoyance powers, he can immediately recognize me when I went to meet him at some place near Kanchipuram in the 1980s and he was questioning me about my close relations. When my student went to meet him in the late 1980s and he told that where he was coming from and I heard from him that Periyava enquired about me immediately to him, even though I have never been a regular visitor to him. If we follow his instructions sincerely, necessarily he will always be near to us.
    Many persons when they come to have darshan of Mahaperiyvava, in those days,will change into kachham, if they are not wearing the Dhoti in that style or even if wearing pants. Even when the British was there they never restricted our dress code and even they allowed Indians to go to the office in their traditional dress of kachham or thatuchittu. Now the British has gone, but we have become slaves to their dress habits and forgotten our traditional dress code. Dhoti in kachham was the national dress of India. GD Naidu, Lakshmanaswamy Mudaliyar, and most of the lawyers used to wear them only.
    At least your series give some valuable remembrances to the old generation who lived during the time of mahaperiyava and news to the younger generation, who may be inspired by your series and I pray that your articles and videos bring good sense, morals and inspirations to the readers/ viewers of them by Periayava’s grace.
    I wish you all success in your endeavor to serve mahaperiyava in your way and be graced by mahaperiyava.

    I am sorry if any body feels that I have made a long comment and beg to be excused.

  20. Please dont limit the length of videos of Devotees experience, How much ever we hear itis not enough. First thing i check is the length of videos and get disappointed if itis less than an hour. These videos are our Bhagavatham, Ramayanam, all the essence of Puranas to show us what Bhakthi is all about. So please dont shorten the video keep it as it is. THANK YOU

    ஹர ஹர ஷங்கர ஜய ஜய ஷங்கர

  21. Mahesh you had indirectly. Connected. All the. Followers of Maha periyaval

    And added many new youngsters

    Instead of whiling and wasting time in Internet and movies they are experiencing periyaval,s anugragamm

    Let your service continue and bless the mankind

  22. For me this is like seeing MahaPeriyavaa everyday and thru the day. Even if there is no new content on a given day, I get to this site and read some old content and feel confident to start the day. Any incident that i come across here, i make it a point to share it with my parents when i talk to them every day….I have sincerely found that even when there are tough topics to be articulated with someone (who has a common interest regarding MahaPeriyavaa) – if we 1st talk about MahaPeriyavaa and then get to those tough topics – it happens to be easier.

    Thank you very much.

    Regards / Guru

  23. Thanks unlimited for your service.

  24. Want to watch more of experience with Sri. mahaperiyava videos .Interesting to see these videos.

  25. On one of the questions above I have answered “None of the above” since I did not find an appropriate choice pertaining to me. If I had ticked all of them it would amount to mean as though I started them only after going through this blog whereas the truth is I have been doing all this and more since several decades — excepting I started “trikaala sandhyavandana” in place of “dwikaala sandhyavandana” since about 7 years (ever since I read all the 7 volumes of “Deivaththin Kural”. AND I also started performing sahasra Gayatri japam ever since!

    As it is, I am of the opinion you are doing a splendid job in the midst of your busy life. To expect more from you would be cruel. My prayers to Sri Periyavaa that you continue to do what you have been doing and for that Sri Periyavaa should kindly Bless you with the required time, energy and wherewithal!

  26. dear mahesh enjoyed voting great going

  27. links are not functioning for weeks.

  28. Dear Mahesh, In my voting, I have marked that these blog had no impact on me for the list of certain items mentioned in the poll. However, i want to put very specific on record that the articles and video interviews posted in this blog bring tears of joy and more bhakthi towards MahaPeriyava.

  29. Reading about Periyavaa in your blog has helped my sagging spirit many times.It will be nice to get transcription of video conversation contents also, as waiting for the uploading of video contents makes me to skip viewing some video interviews.

  30. Videos are too long. Don’t have time to listen to hour long videos that drag on.

    • Good point – thanks for the feedback – I have noticed myself….The length has delayed me listening to some videos..

    • Sir, these are precious narrations of devotees that have had close interactions with Mahaperiyava. If a video runs for such and such duration, it reveals that the person has had such treasured experiences with Him. So, wouldn’t it be a bliss to listen to more and more leelas. If videos are felt to be long, the audio from such ones could be ripped and listened to using one’s personal audio player. It seems like only few videos run long, especially that of Ponds Mama and Thyagu Thatha, for about 2 hours. And these are too unique. So more the better.

      • Two things:: (1) there is a lot of room for improvement in editing these interviews – trust me, I used to do this for a long time! (2) extracting the audio from this and creating a CD/tape so that folks can listen even when they’re offline/driving etc. will explore this option….

  31. Excellant. i am trying my level best to follow to some extend the advices given by MAHASWAMIGAL.i am whole heartedly enjoying all the articles related to MAHASWAMIGAL & always pray for his blessings.JAYA JAYA SANKARA HARA HARA HARA SANKARA

  32. well before reading ravadosai i have completed your poll. what i dont like is to write that there is nothing that i dont like!!!! though i have ticked articles other than mahaperiava you should take the intention and not the content – yes anything connected with mahaperiava by anyone, may be pudu periava or ugar, or puri or mettur or mathur,balu or kannan swamigals but nothing about themselves as this blog is not intended for that purpose. while criticisms are all right sometimes they go too personal which cant be the intention of this blog. as a devotee you are trying to do your best and bricks or boquets does not matter for you but one should consider that you are a human and a very very normal human at that trying to do something good. i dont know whether you know at all but it is mettur swamigal who mooted this idea first long ago and you (and perhaps sivaraman) has given a wonderful shape to this with the greatest support and assistance with people like panchanatham etc. etc. who are all great and deserves all the prize. i dont know why you wanted this poll which typically looks like the annual assessment or confidential reports of a company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Dear Mahesh, You are doing an extraordinary work….. Every article has changed my approach towards the truth.. Sincere thanks to you from the bottom of my heart !!!!

  34. Pranams. You are doing a great service. May Mahaperiava give you immense energy, spare time, happiness and prosperity so that you continue to do this service for benefit of bakthas do Mahaperiava. Hara Hara Sankara. Jaya Jaya Sankara. Kanchi Sankara Kamakoti Sankara.

  35. Really happy that due to Periayava’s Blessings, you are able to spend some time on this Blog. A Periayava’s quote every day will start the day and fill the day with His guidance on day to day duties.

  36. I eagerly wait to read your blog everyday. It’s amazing! Reading or hearing about Mahaperiyava and having His darshan is a truly humbling experience. I’ve got kind of addicted to your blog I should say for that beautiful experience 🙂 We are grateful to you for giving us such wonderful opportunities to remember Him. Please continue doing what you’re doing now. It’s brilliant work! Thanks a million.

  37. I think we must have the essence of Mahaswami’s Teachings from episodes or otherwise in a short form. For example, for an old lady seeking to get her grand-daughter married off with 9 sovereigns of gold ornaments, the Mahaswami suggested her to do 5 circumambulations for 5 days at the Goddess Kamakshi shrine based on one of the 1,000 Names “PanchaKrityaParayaNa”.

    Now, we must bring out an e-book from Mahaswami episodes of those learnings. e.g., Visiting Goddess Kamakshi Temple – Do at least 5 circumambulations for 5 days in a week at least, remembering the following episode in page xx of the e-book “Episodes of Mahaswami”. These succinct conclusions must form a small booklet, like the “Prasnottara Ratna Maalikaa” of the Adi Acharya. And, so on…

    Similarly, the learnings from “Deivaththin Kural” must be rendered into short statements of doings or conclusions. Such a compilation of short conclusions must again be made into a small booklet.

    This could also be based on “Ashtottara Sata Namavalis”. For example, Pudu periva’s 108 names includes a name “Chinthitha KshaNa SampoorNa Samkalpaaya Namah”…That is, the Acharya Swami Sri Jayendra Saraswathi dives into actions for the welfare and awakening of the common man with a “single Will” merged with that of Ishwara, that fructifies instantly. Such a will, we must develop, by attuning ourself to His Life-Force by constantly reflecting on His movements and speeches, making a “clicking-sound” as it were, just like the clicking sound we hear from the snapping out of lock of our knee-bones when we get up after sitting for a long time….Jaya Jaya Shankara…Hara Hara Shankara…

  38. Thanks for asking our opinions on the site. I will be grateful if you can arrange to see the polling results percentage after polling.

  39. vedasamrakshnam and any contribution it is my first kaikaryam second is go sarakshanamthe third is articles showing methods for realisation that god is in me. the fourth is evolution of mankind. is it evolving or it is just static as created ie barbarians inspite of all scientific advancements

  40. excellent. no words find express to the feeling.. keep it up

  41. There should have been another choice on How frequent you visit the blog ? More than once a day : ) Keep up the good work

  42. Mahesh,

    The service is great. We get to know lot of information about Mahaperiyava. Daily we expect to see a new post with good information which makes our mind soft. Again, the service is great.


  43. Great site for Maha Periyava devotees. For people who only prayed to Him without ever being ‘too close’ the interviews of Maha Periyava devotees who watched Him at close quarters and who received His KaruNaa Kadaaksham in abundance, are a God-sent oppotunity to have Maha Periyava SmaraNam constantly. Mahesh deserves all praise for his efforts. May the blog prosper further and bring us Maha Periyava experiences which are like nectar! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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    I love this site and enjoy reading all the articles. It has really had an immense impact on me and renewed my already great respect for our Maha Periyavaa. In the voting sections I found that we could not click on multiple options. In some cases, more than one option applies.
    I request you to kindly make the font darker because at present the font is kind of grey in color and makes reading a little difficult and unclear. Thanks for the yeoman service that you are doing. Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you

  46. Its good news and can be read every day and worth reading

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